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SVMUG meeting February 25, 2019

posted Feb 28, 2019, 10:48 AM by Robert Brown

SVMUG meeting February 25, 2019

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Collections #2-5

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General News:

UK’s GHCQ Wants Access to iMessage & FaceTime Chats

Angela Ahrendts Leaves Apple

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Apple Closes Stores in Texas Eastern District to Avoid Patent Trolls

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Former Apple Lawyer Charged with Insider Trading



iOS 12.1.4 (includes Security Update)

macOS Mojave 10.14.3 (includes Security Update)



Apple to Offer Developers Universal Mac/iOS Development Option

ARM Macs Coming?

New Products On the Way?

Apple & Goldman Sachs to Launch Credit Card?


After a quiet end of year, Apple news and rumours seem to have exploded out again! Bryan Chaffin of the MacObserver (and Apple Context Machine) is back in to give some, er, context and perspective.

Going deep on tech talks -

-- ARM processors for Mac: Good certainty that Apple will move to its own ARM processors vs. Intel. The big issue is power management. Apple will not have to worry about Intel’s roadmap, and also be able to implement tiny increments of power saving. The CPU is the only component that Apple is not able to tweak for such implementations.

However, the problem is that ARM is optimized for mobile devices, so a desktop optimized ARM processor will have to be designed. Needs to be competitive, but cost less and use less power.

Another problem: Apple management tells us that they love the iMac, but they are not really showing it. The new Mac Pro is still a year away. It has been three years.

One factor has been Adobe: they promised to ship a full Photoshop that runs on ARM, on an iPad. Perhaps Adobe knows that the desktop Macs will be on ARM processors Real Soon Now.

By the way, Windows runs on ARM right now, so Windows virtualization on a future ARM iMac will be available.

-- Marzipan will allow developers to code once, then deploy across all devices: iPhone, iPad, and iMac. But will this result in a dumbing down of Mac applications? And an explosion of Mac applications.

Perhaps they will remove little used professional features.

It is also possible that touch screens will be coming to Macs and MacBooks. It could be part of the Marzipan project.

Remember Myth (not Myst)? Mac users created groups in the game, but Windows users did not. The reason was that control keys were easier to use in Mac than in Windows.

-- Augmented Reality will be awesome, Real Soon Now. AR is generated data on top of the real world. In contrast VR requires the exclusion of the real world to be effective. The big AR will games, e.g. Pokeman Go. Imagine if when looking at a room full of people, each person’s name is shown floating above each person’s head. [This was not a big success with Google Glasses.] Yelp Ratings. Cooking recipes. General instructions.

Problem: it will not work if you have to hold up your phone in front of your face. The watch was originally conceived as being a way to get notifications without having to pull out your iPhone.

Wearable computing as mentioned by Tim Cook four years ago might be in work here. We know Apple is working on their own version of glasses or something similar. Privacy will be an issue, important to Apple. Perhaps the name display application will use only the local contact book -- restricted to people you have actually met and saved to your contacts. The Google Glasses were showing all names, using Google’s extensive social media data.

Tim Cook thinks that the iPhone is hardly over as a product -- he believes it will be important for fifty years to come, likely because of extensions into areas like AR, and also AI.

The difference of Apple Glasses from Google Glasses will be how the information is processed and controlled. Apple will rely heavily on local databases, residing on the iPhone, and much less on remote sources.

An AR game called “Harry Potter World” is coming. Going to need high speed mobile internet, “5G”.

Heads up navigation will be great.

Is there a danger of “brainwashing” via AR? Yes. If I control what you see, I can probably control you. Not only by commercial and political interests, but by malicious hackers as well.

-- modems: is Apple developing its own modem, over Qualcomm? Perhaps, but Qualcomm has a lot of patents that make modem development problematic. But it is something that Apple would like to do.

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