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SVMUG meeting December 15, 2014

posted Jan 26, 2015, 7:13 PM by Robert Brown

svmug December 15, 2014

Our annual solstice pot luck holiday goodies meeting.

WireLurker - lesson: do not install unsigned applications.

MSFT Office for Mac, and IE as well

Adobe Flash has another problem - please do updates.

Sony is threatening to sue reporters who pass along stolen information.

United Air Lines has purchased iPhone 6+ for flight attendees.

An "antique" market has developed for first generation iPhones and classic iPods.

iOS 8.1.2 has been released

-- a member reports that the update 'bricked' some iPhones, apparently older models.

Reminder: January and February 2015 meetings will be on the fourth Monday of each month. Jan. 26 and Feb 23

eBook price fixing case was ruled in favor of Apple, but is now in appeal. It could go to the Supreme Court.


Presentation: 1Password 

Canadian company, 

Why password managers are important

Do you use the same password for more than one site?

It is a common mistake. The problem is that if some one gets your password from one site, they will have it for your other sites as well.

You need to use unique passwords for each site.

But will need help to generate the passwords, and help to remember the passwords.

That is the purpose of password managers.

1Password: AES 256 bit encryption, convenient and simple

-- with browser integration

Create a strong password for the master password, but it needs to be memorable.

Recommendation: use four random words: "correct horse battery staple"

supported browsers: safari chome firefox opera

Look at the blog, for apps that love 1Password

BAckup data using the 1Password emergency kit.

Use the security audit to find duplicate passwords, weak passwords, old passwords.

Use the Watchtower to fetch information on which web sites have been hacked.