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October 19, 2015 Meeting Notes

posted Nov 16, 2015, 2:09 PM by Robert Brown
SVMUG October 19, 2015 



YiSpecter Malware - for iOS

    distributed by enterprise administration, not via iOS App Store

Apple Removes ‘Continue Button’ (iOS9)

    Enterprise administration can get around this.

Flash - of course - Advice on Flash

Apple Removes Apps that Could Spy


    Safari 9m iOS 9.02
    iWork for iOS & El Capitan 
    Apple Ordered to Pay U of Wisconsin


Apple to Report Earnings Oct. 27, Call @ 2PM

General News:

Figuring Costs on New iPhones

Gary Allen, Founder of IFO Passes On

Apple Initiates Help for Apple Music via Twitter

El Capitan problems with Office ‘Apple’s Fault’

Apple Launches Program for MacBooks with Screen Issues

IBM Likes Using Macs Photo from the Past

‘ChipGate’ - Much ado about Nothing 1

‘ChipGate’ - Much ado about Nothing 2

Steve Jobs Movie

Economist Review of Steve Jobs Movie

‘Old News’ - Ron Johnson and a Startup

Harry Potter Books on iBooks


1. Is there a browser that will reflow text when you zoom in on a page?

This is, today, mostly related to the coding of the web site: is it “responsive”.

Try using landscape mode to help.

2. I have some old Adobe Type Fonts. Is anyone interested in these?

Contact Gary.

3. System Report: storage tab displays a lot of device images in “/tmp” with BSD names.

Perhaps you have some old disk images still mounted? Use Disk Utility to locate the offending items, and eject these.

4. What is the safest way to dispose of SysQuest or Bern. disks, with sensitive information?

Drill a physical hole through the disk. 


Apple Car

Rumor: Steve Jobs wanted to make a car — he was in to cars.

Tim Cook: a car is the ultimate mobile device.

Software has become more important than mechanics.

Apple is the best software company on the planet.

(Apple has NOT become Microsoft, because Apple doesn’t suck.)

Google may beat Apple with having a ready-to-go car.

But it will not be as “pretty” as Apple’s. Or “neat” as Apple’s.

(Before Google, Larry Page has been thinking about

self-driving cars since the early 1990’s.)

Apple has special experience in power conservation.

The Apple car will a luxury item, maybe at $70,000.