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Notes from February 15, 2013

posted Mar 12, 2013, 3:17 PM by Robert Brown
We opened the meeting with a Macworld/iWorld Expo review, which meant I was up front speaking rather than sitting down taking notes. The discussion was active, and went on for much more time than originally allocated. 

Open Source: Disk InventoryX -- a graphic display of hard disk usage and organization.

1. Pages: add fonts

Install custom fonts
Fonts are available open source and commercially.
Download the font and double click it to install.

Installed fonts generally go into /Library/Fonts/
but you can choose to put fonts into your private

Note: the old fonts like "New York" and Monaco were optimized
for the old Apple printers -- for use today, we recommend the
Times and other modern fonts.

2. The easiest way to transfer files from an iOS device to your desk computer is either mail to yourself, or use Dropbox. The iTunes app panel can be used as well.

3. What should I get? Mac Mini or iMac?

Do you have an existing USB keyboard and mouse,
and do you have a monitor?

There are adapters to allow the use of an old PC keyboard on USB.

Go to a store, try before you buy.
Speed is likely not very important

4. We have shared calendars between the two of us on iCloud - can we stop automatic invitations to each other when we post events.

You can set up the computer to have a primary iCloud account, and then secondary accounts. That way, each of you has their own calendar, but can see the calendar of the other person.

5. How do I find the available memory on my iOS device.

Settings -> General -> Usage

6. Using 10.6.8 and time machine, can I switch to a new drive?

yes, this is done from the Time Machine panel in System Preferences.

By using the option key when selecting the Time Machine menu, you will be given the option of opening a previous backup on another disk.