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Meeting Notes September 19, 2016

posted Sep 20, 2016, 2:32 PM by Robert Brown

SVMUG Meeting September 19, 2016


FBI Sued for Info on iPhone Hack



FBI Issues ‘real’ PSA re Ransomware

Dropbox ‘Kerfuffle’ 1

Dropbox ‘Kerfuffle’ 2

Nothing REALLY to about == but Dropbox is now compatible with Accessibility tool under MacOS. Problem: it did not ask the user’s permission first. It is used to allow MS Office to save documents to Dropbox, along with other applications. Apparently it will re-install if you take if off manually. It seems to have been an oversight. 

Flash (of course)

Be Suspicious of Texts Requesting Security Codes

Google is being spoofed in texts, in an attempt to gain access to accounts that are protected by two factor authentication. 

Android Has a Bad Week



Tim Cook,Apple, & China

Tim Cook is paying special attention to China, as he must do because China is a difficult market to crack.

Analysts Reaction to iPhone 7, etc.

iPhone 7 is successful beyond belief, at least the limited belief of analysts. Curiously, analysts like the Airpods.

Analysts Like AirPods


General News:

Apple Buys AI Company, Turi

Samsung Note7 Problems May Help Apple

Samsung Effort to ‘Beat Apple’ Led to Recall

Apple Event September 2016 Report

Sierra Launches Tomorrow

iOS 10 T-Mobile Bug Fixed



iOS 10.0.1 - Note, iOS 10 is also a security update

Watch OS 3  

Note Warning on Sierra & Scan Snap s/ware

The PDF files created with Scan Snap may not be compatible with MacOS Sierra — the pages in the file will display as blanks.



October Event for iPads & MacBook Pros?



How to set up Spam Call Blocking


Presentation - Tech Tool Pro by Micromat, Inc.

The demonstration was performed under MacOS Sierra.

Tech Tool Pro is a hardware diagnostic, disk utility, and disk optimization tool.

Version 9.


Runs five tests on starting the application: USB, cache, processor, network, Thunderbolt.

The Suite of tests available include memory tests, file structures, surface test, SMART check, Partition Map, video test, battery check, fans test, sensors test, Bluetooth, and others.

The battery test includes a cycle count, which is an indication of when the battery might need to replaced.

Tech Tool Pro can detect slow developing problems on drives that are otherwise missed. 


Volume repair / partition repair

Uses same methodology as Diskwarrior  but each tool has its own strengths. 

— but remember, no repair tool will be as reliable as having a full backup of the disk!

eDrive is used to create bootable partitions on any drive, except the main system drive. It can be on an external drive, or an SD card, or whatever else can be a mounted file system upon startup.

Tech Tool Protogo (“Pro to go”): make a customizable bootable disk, on USB or Firewire or whatever. 

Volume Cloning - one to one clone - make a bootable clone.

Data Recovery - for magnetic drives, not solid state drives.

Wipe Data - for security

Volume Journaling - enable or disable file system journaling - the journal file is a log of the changes made.

Processor check - tests processor against known benchmarks.

Audio and Video tests.

…and Reports of all of the above.

Micromat, Inc. is based in Santa Rosa. It employs ten people. 

Upgrade pricing is available from any previous version $39.99

Regular price $99.99

SVMUGOFFER916 is a coupon code for 20% discount - expires October 31, 2016. Go to the online store at 


Open Source

KeePass -

Questions and Answers

1. Problems using BCC in a contacts group for the purpose of a mailing list. The mail is composed in Apple mail, and sent via a basic ISP. 

Apparently Apple Mail is not expanding a Goup name into addresses when the Group has been placed into the BCC field. 

Maybe you need to delete the “previous recipients” list in Apple Mail.

2. Is Quicken 2007 Lion Compatible, also compatible with Sierra?

No one has confirmed or denied.