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Meeting Notes September 17, 2012

posted Oct 6, 2012, 10:18 PM by Robert Brown


Host: Lynda Gousha

News and Events

A member recommends the new Apple Earpods! "Best $29 I ever spent!"

iPhone 5

Pre-orders of two million units -- selling out the initial inventory within two hours 

Also new iPods, iTouch, and iTunes

iOS 6 to be released Wednesday

Siri improved

Apple Maps

Google has released a YouTube app, which is getting good reviews.

iOS 6 and iTunes will be released together.

Java updates: flaws to date persist. We recommend disabling Java in your browsers. 

Future Java updates will be available from Oracle.

Apple stock is above $701/share

UUIDs of iOS devices were grabbed from a game vendor. But the people who did this tried

to claim they got the database from a FBI laptop. Apparently the hackers lied to get 

a controversy going. Tempest in a teapot. Labelled this one as a HOAX.

Ping goes away. What you say? Yes, Ping is going away this month.

Could Apple be building a Pandora service?

LTE service on the new iPhone is not 4G lite, it is a considerably faster cellular technology than the xG series.

Beware however each vendor seems to redefine LTE to match their services.

Presentation - Prosoft Engineering Inc.

Gordon Bell from Prosoft with a Keynote presentation

Gordon visits a lot of MUGs around the country - Boston, Houston, Seattle…

Based in Livermore, California since the beginning of 2011.

The Data Rescue Center is a company under the Prosoft corporate umbrella.

Prosoft has been in business since 1985.

Original business was programming device drivers for OEM.

They have licensed multiple technologies to Apple, such as disk utilities , CD burning, Drive Setup, etc.

Prosoft applications are sold at MicroCenter, Office Depot. However, as most of the utilities require system level access, these are not vendable via the Apple App Store.

Prosoft promotes superior service and support as an advantage of their products.

-- Data Rescue 3 - DIY data recovery 

--- fix a crashed hard drive

-- -- if the drive mounts but can not be repaired by the standard Disk Utility, use Data Rescue

-- -- -- get back deleted files

-- -- 64-bit

-- -- $99 MSRP for current version 3.2.2

-- -- works with Mac OS X 10.4.11 to 10.8

--- -- Quick Scan, Deep Scan, Deleted Files Scan, Clone, Analyze, FileIQ

A lot of law enforcement agencies will clone a hard drive that is in evidence, so that they can scan and work on the clone without again touching the drive that is marked as court's evidence.

FileIQ can learn file structures, adding these to the supported file types for data recovery. 

The software has received numerous awards and 4 to 5 star ratings.

-- beware of shadow companies that are posting bogus claims

-- these are based in China, and operates under several names.

-- Drive Genius 3 - used by the Apple Genius Bar

-- -- clean up, speed up, and optimize your hard drive

-- -- -- defragment large files.

-- -- -- -- warning: do not defragment FCP media files, these files are fragmented on purpose, for video streaming purposes.

-- -- $99 MSRP for current version 3.2.2

-- -- works with Mac OS X 10.4.11 to 10.8

Suggestion: make a bootable memory stick, and put Data Rescue and Drive Genius on it.

Drive Genius has DrivePulse, Enhanced Defrag, Enhanced Repartition, email notifications, 64-bit, RAID support, and Scan.

Repair, Information, DriveSlim, Shred, Sector Editor, Initialize, Benchtest, Clone

The products are shipped on a DVD, and is available as a downloadable from the Prosoft web store. 

As noted above, it is recommended the software should be installed on a kaychain drive.

-- Sound Bunny

-- -- provides independent control of sound volume between different applications, e.g. iTunes and Mail.

-- -- $9.99 

The Data Rescue Center

A class 10 cleanroom for the disassembly of hard drives, to access the platters.

A class 2 UL security vault. 24 hour security

Recommended by Bill Nye

Look for them on Facebook, Twitter, 

Normal bundle $276

MUG special $99 


Open Source Corner - Cortland Haws - BitCoin

Bitcoin is a software program you run, it is also a peer to peer network, and finally a type of currency.

Pseudo-anon transfers

Run BitCoin Wallet -- you start out with no coins

receive coins over the network based on buying coins or selling stuff for coins.

send coins for making purchases

The wallet used a public key for people to send you coins.

 bit coin exchange rate is on

Q&A Session

1. iTunes artwork is not working. The ability to add artwork and lyrics seems to be gone.

send feedback to apple -- us bug

it seems to be working in test

could iTunes in the cloud be a problem?

North Coast Mac Faire -- NCMUG Expo -- October 6.Close