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Meeting Notes May 21, 2018

posted Jun 11, 2018, 8:10 PM by Robert Brown

May 21, 2018 SVMUG



Email/PGP/SMIME Vulnerability

Efail Explanation 2

Change Twitter Passwords

How to Download Info Apple Has On You

Q & A re GDPR - EU Regulation Begins May 25, 2018

The big impact is that you will need to 

confirm your privacy choices with each vendor.

Apple Removing Apps That Share Your Info

On Passwords and GrayKey (& Good Password Generation)

Cat & Mouse w/GrayKey - Apple Moves

It is believed that GrayKey cracks iPhone

passwords, somehow avoiding the login

attempts limit. 

Senate Votes to Keep Net Neutrality

EFF Backs Encryption Bill

Windows & Adobe Flash Security Updates

Google Will Require Security Updates on Android

How to Increase Privacy on Twitter 



Apple Q2 Results - Stock Up

Dividend Increase, Stock Buybacks



Apple v Samsung Goes to Jury

MBP Keyboard Issues Prompt Lawsuit

US Told No - You Don’t Get to Help Apple re EU Tax Fight

AT&T and Verizon Under Investigation

The two comm carriers have colluded to block the adoption of eCards for SIM phone activation. Apple may be the party that has brought forth the investigation.


General News:

WWDC, AltConf, Layers, & LoopBash

Battery Replacement for SOME 13” MBPs

Apple Has Self Driving Cars in CA

Apple iPhone HUGE Contributor to World Economy

HomePod Not Doing All that Well

Apple Watch Credited with Saving Girl’s Life

Greenpeace Not Happy w/Apple’s Earth Day Efforts

Apple Airports Selling Out (They’ve Been Discontinued)

Ralph Nader Criticizes Apple Stock Buyback 

Tim Cook Shares Different View with Bloomberg

James Comey on Apple & Encryption

He says Apple should have a backdoor, for law enforcement purposes.



Apple to Launch News Subscription Service?

Updated iPhone SE On the Way?

Apple’s Next HQ - Maybe VA, Maybe NC



iOS 11.3.1 - Security update

Mac OS 10.13.4 - Security update



Bryan Chaffin — font of knowledge and prime pundit for The Mac Observer — 

stops in before WWDC to give us some perspectives on current Apple events. 

Apple’s $100 billion stock buyback. Self-driving cars. Apple ride-sharing service?? And your questions! 

Share buyback: $100 Billion buyback, using money brought back to USA from off-shore.

Apple is finishing a previous buyback plan now, nine months early, and starting this new plan.

This very aggressive, which is uncharacteristic of Apple. 

Warren Buffet may have influenced Tim Cook.

It is expected that the new buyback will occur over the next four financial quarters.

The driving incentive is that Apple sees its stock as undervalued.

This might be a signal that Apple has a new product line coming out next year.

Medical devices? Apple car? Maybe in the next 18 to 24 months?

It is something that will “move the needle” - some new product yto take everyone by surprise.

Share buybacks make a company look better. Ralph Nader thinks that was the only reason. 

But Apple might be preparing for a dramatic stock increase based on this new product introduction.

Concerning iPhone manufacturing - when it is fully robotic, Apple will bring the fabs into the USA.

AR - Apple goggles? The hardware is not acceptable. AR must be “not in the way” of everyday life.

Cars - 51 to 61 Apple cars are driving around California. Tim Cook says there are three interesting things

happening: self-driving, electric driving, and ride-sharing. Maybe as a planet, we are headed to using

shared vehicles, with private ownership being a rich guy’s toy.

Cars will make the transition from property to service, same thing as music!

Apple partnered with Alcoa to introduce a new aluminum smelting process, that is much cleaner than previously.

Apple sapphire - has apple turned away from using sapphire?