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Meeting Notes June 18, 2018

posted Jun 22, 2018, 9:56 AM by Robert Brown

June 18, 2018 SVMUG

Have you used the Apple Support Channel on YouTube? There are many current tips, with new ones posted each week.


GrayKey Update1 — bypasses the attempts limitation of signing in with passwords on iOS. Apple is patching this.

GrayKey Update 2 — Marketing Bluff? The company that makes GrayKey claims that have a means to bypass the new patch.

FBI Says ‘Reboot Your Router’ — some security experts say this not sufficient. Try to get a firmware update. 

FBI Overstated Number of Locked iPhones — they said 7000. The actual number is 1200. 

Office 365 Will Block Flash — and Silverlight, too!

Reminder - Cell Phone Location Data is NOT Secure — the carriers are selling your location to third parties.

Robo Call Pair Sued by FTC

Apple Bans Harvesting Contacts Databases



Apple v Samsung - Apple Wins, BUT…

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Apple Monopoly Case


General News:

WWDC - One Overview 

Hardware Issues with 2017 MBP 13”

Apple Signs Oprah Winfrey for Something



AppleWatch Series 4 Rumors

New Macs Coming?



All of these contain Security Updates:

iOS 11.4 

Mac OS 10.13.5

WatchOS 4.3.1

tvOS 11.4

Safari 11.1.1


Pages for Mac & iOS

Keynote for Mac & iOS

Numbers for Mac & iOS


Presentation by Jeff Gamet (managing editor for The Mac Observer) on WWDC reactions.

— no hardware announcements (except for the Pride watchband).

— Tim Cook started with telling us “it is all about the software”.

— The focus was on high visibility features of the forthcoming iOS, Mac OS

— Memoji will sell iPhones — the iMessages platform is expanding. 

— — Apple wants to “own” messaging.

— — but isn’t “memoji” trademarked by Nintendo? 

— Apple is getting us incrementally close to where an iPad will be a viable alternative to a laptop.

— — not for everyone of course, but for most.

— Shortcuts is very exciting — evolution of Workflow — Workflow allows you to create a sequence of automated actions. For example, taking a set of pictures with the camera, which is then converted to a GIF, posting it for you. Shortcuts ties this into Siri and Homekit. For example, “Hey Siri, I am going home” will cause Siri to send an alert to someone, calculate the ETA, turn on lights, start a music playlist. 

— This will get third party developers into Siri, to enable their apps for Shortcuts.

— Multiple people on FaceTime — it is about time, already! 

— Safari anti-tracking provisions. Apple uses generic profiles when a web site asks for a user profile.

— Augmented Reality — really stepping up — Lego! — gaming was up front, but it is so much more than just gaming. — first AR will be thoroughly debugged on iPhone/iPad, but Apple Glasses are coming. Adobe is on-board with this. A standard will be created. 

— Dark mode — a darker color scheme for the user interface. 

— not in the public keynote: keychain and passwords — the password management is being enhanced. The OS will be able to recognize and handle two factor authentication. Third parties (e.g. 1Password) will be able to hook into the keychain at the system level.

— iOS apps on Mac OS — no, this is not a sign that Apple is dumping Mac OS. 

— The best developer thing — diversity — the conference was not just for white guys.