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Meeting Notes June 16, 2014

posted Jul 14, 2014, 12:06 PM by Robert Brown

June 16, 2014


Lynda Gousha

News and Events

General News:

Angela Ahrendts begins heading Retail - Visits New Store Opening in Japan

Apple buys Beats

Beats Music Discount from Target

New Radio Stations on iTunes, ESPN & NPR

7/1 Stock Split Happened 6/9/14

China State Media States US Companies ‘cohort’ with NSA


AT&T Says customer data was accessed without authorization

Australia iPhone Hack

Russia Arrests Suspects of Australian Apple Device Hack


EU Investigating Apple, Starbucks & Fiat for Taxes

More Apple vs Samsung


EFI for MacBook Airs 2013/2014

Battery Issue for MacBook Airs Update

Mac OS X Server updatre


Prepaid & Month to Month iPhones in Apple Stores?

iWatches in October?

Apple Expects to Sell 3 - 5 Million iWatches per Month?

WWDC - Lots of enthusiasm!!!

Apple Streamed the Keynote

Easier Login

About the Enterprise

‘Last location’ to Find my iPhone

Amazon Prime members now have access to free music streaming and music downloads via the Amazon Music app.

AT&T customer data compromised -- perhaps an inside job, to sell old phones on the grey market. If you get an email from AT&T, check to make sure it is really from AT&T.

Australian iPhones hacked, with ransomware demands. Apple was itself not compromised -- it appears that a third party site was hacked, and if the victim used the same password from that site on his or her Apple ID, it gave the hackers access to the iPhone via iCloud. The hackers were arrested in Russia.

Updates: EFI for MacBook Air, also system updates for battery issues, and the Mac OS X server.

Rumors: prepaid and month-to-month iPhone plans to become available? iWatch coming in October? Apple expects to sell 3 -5 million iWatches per month? Samsung acquires Nuance? (Icahn owns 10% of Nuance)

BTW, Pebble is doing well, but the Samsung Watch is not. The Pebble is cross platform, the Samsung is not, and in fact the Samsung only works with certain models of Samsung smartphones.

A couple words about WWDC: seems to have more enthusiasm this year. The stock was kicked up. Developers were quite happy.

Featured Presentation

Dan Frakes on Apple’s 2014 World Wide Developers Conference

Going to talk shop about WWDC

Keynote: this is the one that people were most excited about, in memory. "

It felt very open, with many new tools.

The new extensions capability will allow apps like OnePassword to integrate with any other app.

"it was a buffet for developers"

70% of the developers were there for the first time. (Because of the lottery for seats.)

There was an alternative conference run for those who could not get in to WWDC. It was very well received.

Apple loosen the NDA, so that attendees could talk about the new releases.

Videos of the workshops are available for free, and more available for the $99 annual developer fee.

The iOS keyboard will provide predictive phrase completion.

Things like Text Expander will be available in iOS 8.

Continuity will pass documents across all of your devices.

Everything is going to work seamlessly.

iCloud is being completely revamped -- no more document silos! iCloud will be more like Dropbox. Developers are really excited about this.

iCloud will be open to Windows as well, as the iCloud Drive.

Developers will be allowed to make plugins for iCloud, for example integrating Dropbox into iCloud.

Yosemite will work on any machine that can work on Lion, forward.

(Do you remember OpenDoc?)

Swift program language: in the works for four years, really surprised everyone. Swift brings features for which developers had been asking.

New Photo Application: in the Cloud library of all of your photos -- accessed on any of your devices. 2 TB maximun at the moment.

Speculation: iPhoto and Aperture to merge.

iWorks? The previous update was intended to make Pages, Numbers, Keynote work the same (have parity) across all iOS and Mac. Some features had to be removed. These features and others may now be restored in forthcoming revisions.

Dashboard Widgets? It will off by default in Yosemite -- it will likely go away altogether in a year or two. But Notifications takes the place of widgets in a lot of functions.

Hardware? Still coming. Next Few Months. Really. Back to School. Christmas.

Developers are just sinking their teeth into the new capabilities -- give them some time to spread out. Also expect many new developers.






Text Expander and Keyboard Shortcuts are very similar. However text expander can do multiple lines, run scripts, provide selection menus.

Developers number one pipe dream is a new file system. ZFS?

A lot of bug fixes in Mavericks have been deferred to Yosemite. Mavericks was actually a minor update, compared to Yosemite.

Will AppleTV be the central hub for the HomeKit?

AirDrop to work between iOS and Mac OS X. Sorry, not backwards compatible.

Controverstial User Interfaces:

Some people hate transparent menubars

Some people hate changing the “green” button behavior


Open Source Corner


AppleJack is a script, intended for use in the “Single User Mode” of the Mac OS X. This script will perform several types of repairs on your system, automatically.

You can start a Mac into the single user mode by holding down the command-s keys immediately when powering on or restarting the computer.

In the single user mode, the computer will start up and run using just the generic Unix kernel software -- the Mac OS X is in effect not running at all. The operating system is pure Unix, and dangerous. You could really mess up.

By the way, the availability of the single user mode is why you will often read that if some one has physical access to your computer, they can do anything. Actually, not so much. For example, if you have wisely used File Vault, they would still need your password to read your files. More about that on some other day.

So, you are now in the terrifying pure Unix command environment. Why did you come here? Because your system needs help, and you are down to the Last Resort.

By running AppleJack, a sequence of repairs and optimizations will be performed on your system hard drive. AppleJack handles this sequence for you, acting like a Unix guru trying to fix your system.

It will repair the disk, repair the permissions, repair preferences files, and clear cache files which might be corrupted. When it has finished, it will restart your system.

AppleJack can be obtained from this link:

However, the page may load very slowly. You can also get AppleJack from MacFixIt and other troubleshooting sites.

The current version is 1.6. This version is compatible with Mac OS X Mevericks and with File Vault.

The AppleJack installer adds a script in the Unix user executables path:

The installer also adds documentation for AppleJack into your Library/Documentation folder.

You run AppleJack by issuing this command in the single user terminal:


Typically, you will choose to use the “auto pilot”. The script will execute the listed the tasks, and then restart the system.

I have run AppleJack on my laptop -- it simply ran without incident.


Questions and Answers

1. BBEdit can not close using the red button.

-- No one seems to be aware of this problem.

-- Try command-W, or the menus

2. Any favorite clipboard apps, e.g. for multiple clips

-- Collective

-- Launchbar

-- Clip Menu

-- Clipper

3. F9 does not show open windows in Mavericks

Is anyone using the function keys in Mavericks?

-- the function keys have been changed, actually starting back in Leopard.

-- you can designate some keys via the system keyboard preferences.

-- Mission Control actually takes the place of the old Expose.

4.  4 GB of RAM, should I upgrade to 8 GB or higher?

-- Higher!

-- No such thing as too much RAM.

5. My Canon Scanner keeps asking for network access.

-- could be looking for firmware updates

-- could have something to do with network mounted scanners.

6. When a window is small, the columns in a file browser or info display will slide (scroll) to the left as you click on things on the right. Can the columns be made to not slide automatically?

-- No.

Wrap Up