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Meeting Notes July 16, 2018

posted Aug 13, 2018, 7:46 PM by Robert Brown


July 16, 2018 SVMUG


Apple Releases USB Restricted Mode w/iOS 11.4.1

(How To)

Update Flash AND Adobe Acrobat & Reader 

WiFi Update for Boot Camp 6.4.0 - Security

‘Net Connected TVs Collect Privacy Data

Dell Phone Scam - An Example…

New Security Feature in Latest Chrome Browser

CA Passes Privacy Law

SD Cards - Wipe, or Destroy Your Old Ones

Extortion Plot Uses Stolen Names & Passwords, etc.

A Hacker Story - What Happens When You Don’t Change Router Password



Apple v Samsung Settled 

Qualcomm Case Still On….


General News:

New MBPs - and Here T2 Coprocessor Included

Macworld on New MBPs - 

Gruber on Keyboard Controversy & New MBPs

Apple’s Keyboard Repair Program

2015 MBP Going, Going…..

Former Google Person Hired by Apple for AI, Siri

Quartz Says Apple Won the World Cup….

Apple Q3 Earnings Will Be Announced July 31

Apple & Google Auto Systems Safer…. 

Apple’s Health Records Feature Coming - Details Here

Macstock Has a Digital Pass ($79.00) Schedule Here

Discounts on O’Reilly AI Conference in Sept. on Table



New iPads & iPhones On the Way

Apple Updating Everything - Incl. Mac mini

Apple Reworking Maps



iOS 11.4.1

MacOS 10.13.6

Safari 11.1.2

iTunes 12.8.0

iTunes for Windows 7.6

WatchOS 4.3.2

tvOS 11.4.1

HomePod 11.4.1

iTunes Remote App 4.4


Any recommended speakers, see me.

Lynda Gousha 6/18/18


Main Presentation

SmallCubed Software

Presented by Beth Wall

Started in 2006. Worked with Little Known Software in 2013. Branded as SmallCubed in 2015.

Mail ActOn

— advanced mail rules for both incoming and outgoing messages. On demand rules. Add tags automatically. 


— add tags, calendar flags, notes to incoming messages. Search by tags (project name, keywords, etc.) 


— make small windows that display continuously on the desktop. A menu bar counter indicates the number of unread messages,

Sig Pro

— provides dynamic graphic and text signatures, based on outgoing account. Uses AppleScript and shell scripts 

The ActOn commands allow mail management from the keyboard, without needing to use the mouse to select and drag.

Tea leaves integrate FusionSoft (a customer management system) into email. (A rather specialized app)

Under Mac OS X Mojave, the plugins will be consolidated as one plugin. In addition, SmallCubed plans to often their own email client, for both Mac OS X and iOS.

User group discount for the suite: 50% OFF, using the code handed out during the meeting. Expires on September 15. If you purchase before September 15, you will get a free update for the Mojave version.

The suite is normally $60.

Individual apps are $30 each.

Not available in the Mac App Store.

The Mojave version will be backwardly compatible for 12, 11, and maybe 10. If you have the Mojave version, you will receive the email client when it comes out in 2019.


Open Source

Tim Berners-Lee is very disturbed by the misappropriation of the web from a tool used to freely exchange information into a means of profiting off the sale of personal information. 

Very soon, 4 billion people -- half of the World -- will have internet access. They will have personal information such as résumés, political views, health data, and even DNA codes stored and available via centralized servers on the internet. 

The web is useful for the sharing and hyperlinking of public information. But why should every information provider insist on obtaining and storing the personal information of the consumers?

One solution is to decentralized the storage and access to personal and other private data.

Tim Berners-Lee is working on a new platform to run on the internet. This platform is open source (as was the web platform). The new platform, named "Solid", will provide a means for persons to store their personal information and completely control the access to this information. 

Solid is a platform, not code. Anyone is free to create applications that adhere to the Solid protocols. There are three principles.

  1. "Users should have the freedom to choose where their data resides and who is allowed to access it."

  1. "Users will be able to avoid vendor lock-in, seamlessly switching between apps and personal data storage servers, without losing any data or social connections."

  1. Data can be reused between applications.

"social linked data"

Replacements for Circus Ponies



Keep It

Google Keep