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Meeting Notes from October 15, 2012

posted Nov 12, 2012, 8:17 PM by Robert Brown


Moderator: Lynda Gousha

-- A couple of new members -- welcome

News and Events

iPhone 5 -- first weekend -- and also iTouch
    SNL had quite a skit on the new devices
    pre-orders had some glitches with delivery

iOS 6 -- released -- a lot of hoopla about the Maps application
   and on the camera flare

    Many developers keep multiple devices, each with different versions of iOS.

    The podcasting app is a little problematic.

Foxconn -- maybe a labor dispute - but reliable information is hard to come by. Apparently a figth between QA and the assembly line.

Maps: some have no problems, others find many errors. Can the errors be over-hyped?  Tim Cook apologized, promised major improvements.

A video tribute was posted by Apple for Steve Jobs on the anniversary of his death.

   iPad Mini? WSJ and All Things D thinks so.
   Brian White claims to have touched one in Asia.
   13 inch retina MacBook Pro? Maybe.
   The Mac Mini supply channel is clearing out. Maybe new version?

The Seagate drives in iMac for the past three years may have flows. Check your serial number on Apple's web site.

Apple is preparing to accept Apple payment cards via Passbook at Apple Retail Stores.

software update for the new iPod Nano

iOS6 alerts? Government alerts such as Amber or EBS work under Verizon and Sprint, but not AT&T.

Overall PC shipments are falling for the first time in eleven years. However, Apple share of this market is expected to increase. Besides, it is because people are buying tablets instead. Or waiting for Windows 8.

One PC vendor is up: Lenovo. HP is no longer the top vendor in the World.

Are investors nervous? Apple stock is down by 10%. A big hedge fund manager has been saying bad things -- and by this alone the stock is impacted. The SEC may have a look at this guy.

Lighting to 30-pin adapters are now available. 

Also a dongle should be coming to provide HMDI output.

Apple admitted they are "tracking you" on iOS devices. Under General Settings, look under "About" and look for the advertisement limiter setting. Actually, it is third party apps that do the tracking, using tokens that are similar to web cookies. 

Softbank of Japan is buying 70% of Sprint.

Presentation - The Cortland and Lynda Show

Cortland's new startup:
    Flash Cards on your iPhone. (or Android)
    Add cards of your own.

    Study and Quiz modes.

    Quiz questions increment in difficulty as you learn.

    Cards support text, with pictures soon to come.

    Import CSV files to build card sets.

    Usable from any web browser.

Lynda and Cortland talk on iOS6 Tips and Tricks

    New Accessibility Options
        Settings: General > Accessibility 
            Turn on "Speak Selection"
        Bluetooth hearing aid support
        LED flashing for alerts
        Guided Access
        Assisted touch
   Shared photo streams
        make galleries
        send notifications when your iPhone moves to specific locations.

   in Maps, the vector maps are cached.

    Panorama photos

        "passes" are created by apps, or web sites, or from emails.
        Passes are used for theater admissions, airplane tickets, etc.

    Picture App: filters to apply to your iPhone/iPad photos. $1.99 Grid-a-tor

    Siri: two great resources
       The little "i" on the Siri dialog will list the actions that Siri can performed.
       TUAW has an article on "What can you say to Siri in iOS6"

       Siri can recognize relationships, e.g. "my nephew".
       Siri can make reservations.
       Siri accepts corrections, and will learn to understand you better.

    Mobile Safari will sync tabs with Mountain Lion.
            especially the reading list 

     Mobile Safari has a Share button: email URL, etc.

      iOS6 mail adds VIP settings
           and in notifications, VIP incoming mail can be set to generate an alert to you.

      Do not Disturb mode can be scheduled, so at certain times of day, notifications will not disturb you.

     In iOS6 mail, touch and hold the "pencil pad" to open saved drafts.

     In iOS6 mail composer, touch and hold to pull up the "insert media" menu.

Open Source

Questions and Answers

1. I need to reset my logins in Safari for Yahoo. But I can not get the changes to persist.

     Check your keychain -- you may have multiple urls  for this account.

     Also clear cookies.