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Meeting Notes from May 20, 2013

posted May 21, 2013, 8:53 AM by Robert Brown

News and Events

A lot has happened over the last month. 

   New MacBook Air computers expected at the WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) 
   to be held June 10.

   iRadio - a music streaming service - may still be in the offering.

   New deals on iPhones from Verizon and AT&T

   Changes in Applecare: Applecare may be changed so that all of your devices are covered 
   under one Applecare package, assigned to the customer.

   Web traffic shows that iOS 7 is being heavily tested.

   Better integration of automative systems with iOS may be coming
   -- coupling readings from steering wheel and odometer
   -- interface to Siri

   Apple via Tim Cook sent a press release to the US Senate, showing
   that they pay 30% effective taxes, on tens of billions of dollars.
   But the Senate says that's not true.

   Apple has topped Barron's 500. They are in the Fortune 500.
   Also tops in customer support.

   Security News: Apple ID phishing emails attempt to steal credit card details.

   A social networking app "Path" has received negative comments over privacy violations

   iTunes 11.03 is out.
   iMovis has an update.
   Tim Cook charity coffee date closed at a bid of $610,000

   50 billion app downloads.

    WWDC sold out in 90 seconds

    Maker Faire

Main Presentation - Bryan Chaffin of the Mac Observer
-- Apple: WWDC and Beyond

     Apple Context Machine Podcast

     "Apple's downward spiral" - stupid writing about Apple
     Only a few analysts seem to understand Apple and 
     Apple's business model. 
     A real screw up was the introduction of Apple Maps.
     But people ran with it, to speak down about Apple.
     Apple gets $57 for every person that walks into an Apple Retail Store.
     Apple makes more money per square foot of store floor that anyone else.

     But Apple haters believe they have justification during a product lull.
     Apple does not talk to people -- the Apple PR staff is not trying to 
     get people to say things about Apple. 

     Only about five journalists can be said to have a "good" relationship
     with Apple. 


     Johnny Ive is expected to reveal a whole new look and feel for iOS 7
     during WWDC. No Skel. interfaces.

     Google is now giving back - after years are gathering information, now that
     correlated information is flowing back to us. 

     Johnny Ive might be the nominated successor for Tim Cook. 

     Steve Jobs spent the last two years of his life putting the infrastructure into Apple
    that "institutionializes" his values for the company.  The naysayers do not understand
    this -- Steve's methods will live on, via Tim Cook, via Johnny Ive, and everyone at 
    Apple. The key players did not jump out of Apple, when Steve Jobs died.

    Samsung has delusions of relevance. Samsung displays are really good.
    But at the end of the day, they are slapping hardware together for some
    one else's operating system. (Android and iOS)

   Everything that Samsung does on the software side is either redundant to
   things that Google has done, or something that is not really useful.

    Is Samsung planning to eliminate Google from Samsung products?
    Samsung may be deluded that can happen.
    Korean culture has its unique characteristics.


    Apple might planning to introduce digital payments that actually work.
    The industry has been waiting for Apple to do that.

   Apple comes up with an innovative disruptive product every five to seven years.
   (in hardware).

   Tim Cook has made several interesting changes.
    -- charity matching
    -- dividends
   Non Apple PR departments jump onto journalists when they know a negative story 
   is coming out. Apple traditionally has not -- but that seems to be changing.

   Dave Hamilton -- Mac Roundtable -- says that people inside Apple are less driven.
   Bryan disagrees. 

    Apple may see the future as being in mobile devices. 

    iOS is the driving force, going forward. 


    cross platform compatibility (Android and iOS) is possible via Javascript apps,
   but only native calls will provide the performance needed for intense apps, games.

Open Source

-- OwnCloud 
OwnCloud is an open source PHP package, that implements a "cloud" service under a web server, e.g. Apache. A database such as MySQL is used to keep the content. Users may share files, play music, deploy "shorten" URLs, keep an online calendar, and similar applications.
1. Download the package, and expand it in a web directory
2. Create a user and database for the content.
3. Run the setup PHP program from the server.
4. Add some users.

questions and answers

q: My computer says "some one else is using my IP address", briefly on start up.

    Under normal circumstances, your cable modem handles the DHCP. Occasionally when a computer
    wakes up, the DHCP server will not recognize the computer. It is not the fault of the client computer.

q: IPv4 versus IPv6 -- what is it?
    IPv6 doubles the address length. The transition is taking longer than we like.

q: Occasion incident of showing a ?-mark upon startup.

    The ?-mark means the system disk has not been found yet. Sometimes there can be a spin-up lag.

     But test your drive!

q: Mountain Lion -- log in often hangs -- the Desktop alternates between blue and white, but will resolve after several minutes.

    Are you restoring the running applications? Could this be doing things in the background.

    Or the Finder is crashing.

    There might an underlying problem in the OS. Sorry.

    Maybe the clock chip battery is failing.

q: I use gmail with IMAP -- can we prevent the filtered mail (spam) from downloading to the local machine?

    we will check

c: iMovie can work with events and movies on external drives.

q: when I delete songs and stuff on my iPhone or iPad, is it really gone.

    yes, ... but it might exist on a server.
    Were you using iCloud to sync files?

q: iOS app to show where you tap on the screen, when presenting?

    Maybe. Ask Lynda.