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Meeting Notes from June 17, 2013

posted Jul 15, 2013, 4:05 PM by Robert Brown
40 people

MS launches Office 365 for iPhone -- but not yet for iPad
== MS does not want to change their ads. {HUH!!!!}

Apple Taxes
-- Tim Cook stays cool under fire
-- Ireland stated that Apple does not get a special deal.

Low cost iphone -- rumors persist
no iWatch this year
but what are the 1.5" OLED displays for?

Apple might offer an iPhone trade-in program.

App Camp for girls -- see Indiegooo

Many updates

iPhone sales going well

eBook price fixing trial is underway

WWDC announcements

Mac Book Airs -- not retina -- but increased battery life
Mac Pro -- [add content]

Sea Lion? No -- Mavericks.

   key chain across all devices

   independent spaces - multitasking

   memory compression

   battery icons will indicate when an App is using too much CPU.

   dictation will work offline, with live typing as you speak.

iOS 7

kill switch to wipe a iPhone or iPad if it is stolen or lost
this will lower the black market resale value, chilling thefts

this is part of "security in layers" detergent.

control center


game controller support

iTunes Radio

automatic updates of apps on both iOS and on Mavericks.


CS6 getting expensive? alternatives

First, remember that iPhoto can do a lot all by itself
edit button -> rotate, enhance, fix red-eye, straighten, crop, retouch
effects tab -> sepia, matte, vignette, etc.
adjust tab -> exposure, contrast, saturation, definition...

all edits are non-destructive -- original image is not changed.

What is the difference between definition and sharpness
sharpness works pixel by pixel, on all pixels,
definition works on detected lines and sharps.

How many photos can iPhone handle?
tens of thousands.

Aperture provides even more control, and handles hundreds of thousands of images.
Imports any older libraries from iPhoto.

Acorn is Adam's image editor of choice -- it feels like Photoshop
has layers, with cut-copy-paste between layers, drag layers, etc.
alpha masking

full complement of adjustments, layer filters, effects

does not support Photoshop plugins.
but does support Apple Quartz composer filters


much like acron, $15 in Apple App Store

MacGIMP GNU Image Manipulation program
used to require X-windows, but now-a-days that is built in


same functionality (tools), but maybe not quite as slick.

Cameras have different characteristics. Do the RAW importers and other tools have
camera specific settings?

Snapseed [add content]

Podcaster -- weekly audio program on Mac and iOS stuff
-- news of the week -- tips and tricks -- The MacCast.


1. current 21 inch iMac with external USB drive
is it better to configure fresh, or to import old stuff from my old machine.

Legacy stuff will be transferred if you move everything.
It is okay to pull stuff from the 'cloud' (music, apps, etc.)

Some users feel the Migration Assistant is actually fairly smart, and will not
migrate junk bytes.

One member did a migration using AirDrop.

2. How do I dictate (speak to text) in iOS and Mac OS X?

demo'ed by Charles and Lynda

3. How can I recover files from an SD card?

Prosoft has a recovery utility, specifically designed for SD cards.
do not use SD cards as long term storage.

4. How to depose of hard disk drives.

Green Citizen will shred HDD for free.