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Meeting Notes from December 17, 2012

posted Dec 31, 2012, 11:15 AM by Robert Brown

Introduction by Charles

special night - potluck

presentation - Sandvox

Sandvox by Karelia Software

Website building application

one of the top application of 2012

This tool allows creation from templates and widgets without needing to code HTML or CSS

Good for migrating from iWeb, includes a site extractor to allow you to pull in existing sites.

If you have an iWeb site saved to your local storage, the extractor will be able to open it,

and pull in the main content.

Bear in mind it will not be precisely the same, but the main features should be replicated.

Sixty plus designs are available. You can change the template for a site, getting a new 

look and feel, while keeping the structure, content.

Paste in tech text, insert images, use the inspector to adjust elements. The inspector is 

very similar to the inspectors used in Pages and Keynote.

If a page is open in your web browser, you can automatically create a link in your 

web site. The link maker checks to see if a page is open in your web browser.

When adding or creating pages, you can use preset pages for blogs, photo albums,

columnized text, and so forth.

The photo albums can be populated by drag and drop of images.

The built in media browser is actually more powerful than Apple's -- it can access Flickr!

Video support. 

Blog support, similar to iWeb (which was not a true blog). In Sandvox, a blog is really

just a collection of pages. To add an entry, you add a page from within Sandvox.

International character sets, including Chinese, are supported. You can copy and paste

Chinese characters the same as any text. 

A slide show is a type of index -- put it into a photo album and the images in the album are

made available in the slide show.

Widgets for Google+1, Facebook Like, etc.

Can link in Amazon product pages.

, Google maps, 

An extensive help system is provided, along with an eighteen minute video tutorial.

The publish mechanism ca be via FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV.

For the purpose of making the site easy to find via search engines,

the HTML code is made clean, so that text content can be easily parsed.

You can also add meta descriptions.

Some of the designs offer flexible page widths. 

You can create your own design templates, or tweak the existing ones.'

The publish function works incrementally -- only uploads changes.

Video and Audio formats include cross platform codexs.

$79.99 regular price

For members tonight, there is a coupon code "MUGGLE", which is a 25% discount.

The license is "one user", so you can install on several computers.

The advanced mode allows viewing the generated HTML code.

You may also create raw html objects, e.g. inserting PayPal buttons, or Google calendars, and so forth.

jQuery is used for some items, e.g. pop up menus, slide shows.


News by Lynda

Mac OS Ken is a podcast that is usually reliable.

 with attitude and humor


Stock has been down, partially due to 'fiscal cliff', partially due to reports re iPhone & iPad mini in China, etc.  - until today

Apple - Press Info - iPhone 5 First Weekend Sales in China Top Two Million

A not-so-quiet weekend for Apple in China and Taiwan - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech

Sterne Agee's Shaw Wu Says Apple iPhone Sales to Beat Estimates - The Mac Observer

(Recommended, today's (12/17/12) Mac OS Ken podcast, for short term summary of info about stock)


Tim Cook on NBC, and Bloomberg

Cook Says Lives Enriched Matters More Than Money Made: Interview - Bloomberg


Walmart selling iPhone for $127?

Walmart Discounting iPhones and iPads With Apple's Blessing - Tricia Duryee - Commerce - 



MSFT Surface May not be doing so well

Interest in the Surface fell 53% after its price was announced - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech


Some data that iPad Mini is outselling iPad

iPad Mini set to eclipse Retina iPad | Apple - CNET News


Apple TV Rumors continue

Apple Moves Closer to Making TV Set -


Maps Issues in Australia

Police warn of safety concerns from Google Maps - Yahoo!7 Technology


Malware -

One using Java - which was updated last Feb, or thereabouts, one (Trojan) coming thru Russian site allowing pirated music

New Mac espionage trojan targets Dalai Lama supporters | Ars Technica

First OS X fake installer malware spotted, as SMS scams are ported from Windows and Android to Mac - The Next Web