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Meeting Notes for September 16, 2013

posted Sep 16, 2013, 9:25 PM by Robert Brown
Tonight: Chris Breen -- The Big Picture on iPhone 5c and 5s

A couple of new people tonight, including a brand new certified Apple consultant. 

News and Events

iPhone 5 announced:

Apple - Press Info - Apple Introduces iPhone 5

iPhone 5 tops 2 million preorders in 24 hours | Macworld


available 9/21; 

regional carries will have phone on 9'/28

C Spire, regional carriers join the iPhone 5 deluge on September 28th - Engadget

 preorders already sold out

AT&T confirms iPhone owners will be able to keep their unlimited data plans | 9to5Mac

Sprint and Verizon clarify iPhone 5 plans: Sprint pre-orders begin at 12:01 a.m. Sept. 14, Verizon requires that you pay full price to keep your unlimited data plan | 9to5Mac


Java updates, and security issues

Apple issues new Lion, Snow Leopard Java updates | MacNN


Stock hitting new highs, analysts raise target prices

Apple: Boring or Not, iPhone 5 Drives Shares to New Heights - Tech Trader Daily -

stock closed today @$699.80


iOS 6 available on 9/18 - tomorrow

Google releases YouTube app

YouTube launches new iPhone app ahead of iOS 6 release | Internet & Media - CNET News

UUID gone, w/iOS 6

Apple clarifies new Advertising Identifier, a non-personal UDID replacement, in iOS 6 | 9to5Mac

Speaking of UUIDs, 

Blue Toad Publishing Company Admits Stolen 'FBI' UDIDs Came From Them - Mac Rumors

Leaked Apple device UDIDs were stolen from small publishing company


iTunes 11

Apple - Press Info - Apple Unveils New iTunes

iPod Touch, and nano New

Apple - Press Info - Apple Introduces New iPod touch & iPod nano


Ping goes away

Apple To Shut Down Ping Social Network September 30 - Peter Kafka - Media - AllThingsD


Rumor of Apple getting into Pandora territory

WSJ: Apple in talks to build internet radio service

Be sure to update the Kindle app before updating to iOS 7.

Main Presentation - Chris Breen - The Big Picture on iPhone 5c and 5s

The Long Campaign
  iPhone 5s and 5c, Mavericks, iOS 7
  phase 3 of the Post PC Era

In tech, you have to plan things in a long campaign. Tech companies can not simply do one thing and just hold on that one thing. Tech companies have to keep moving.

Microsoft tried to live forever on Windows and Office. They got on mobile operating systems too late, and hence tried to implement it too hurriedly. It was reactive, not proactive.

There is iteration versus innovation. 

Let's forbid the phrase "If Steve was alive...". 

Does Apple continue to innovate since a certain past event, or is Apple now just interating?

Iteration: bigger screens, faster processors, better camera.

Can you finish the sentence: "this completely changes the way I .... "? 

interation can still disrupt existng markets.

Innovation: creating a business from whole cloth, makeing a nascent business legimate, tuenign an existing market on its head.

Innovation: the first iPod, the first iPhone. 

Who is innovative: Apple, Google, Amazon, TiVo, Netflix

Who is not: Samsung, Microsoft -- me, too-ers.

So, is this an innovation year for Apple? NO. You can not expect to win the World Series every year.

This is a "team building" year, in the baseball sense. You prep the new players for the future.

One common theme of nost new releases is the Future.
-- iPhone 5s: fingerprinting scanning, M7, 64-bit processor, LTE

The 5s will encourage you to use the fingerprint scanner.
-- useful for more than unlocking the iPhone
-- can be used with Passbook for purchases
-- can be used with iBeacon for purchases
-- and Apple will get a tiny percentage of every transaction, which will be serious money.

The M7 focusses on movement. 
-- fitness apps
-- takes the place of fit-bit, up, etc.
-- reduces power comsumption for background tasks related to movement.

Even more:
-- prevent texting while driving.

64-bit processor
-- develop to a single code base for iOS and Mac OS X

-- adds Worldwide compatiablity

-- energy savings, speed-ups, more iOS features
-- tabbed browsing in Finder
-- Finder tags
-- stuff under the hood is much more interesting

-- security, prevents reformatting without Apple ID password
-- iBeacon
-- iTunes Radio, the Pandora killer, plus it brings IP radio to the masses.
-- -- plus you can create your own "station".

The iPhone 5c -- the future is really cool, but there is nothing wrong with making money.
-- just like the iPod, which was followed by the iPod mini. 
-- fashion matters to people, the colors will be a hit.
-- these will sold by the bucket load

Still to come

-- iPads and iPods next month, 64 bit, fingerprint sensor.

-- The Mac Pro

What about that darned living room conundrum, getting us to cut the "cable". 

Open Source Corner -- The Pencil Project

Wireframes - flowcharts - diagrams

Use Pencil to draw prototype graphic layouts or flowcharts or similar diagrams. Collections of graphic shapes are provided for generic use and for the shapes particular to computer GUI, iPhone GUI and iPad GUI. 

Q and A

1. having problems connecting iOS devices to new Comcast high speed router.

--- does not work consistently 

--- no solution

2. itunes has a lot of free stuff -- how can I find a list? Especially movies?


--- in iTunes store screen use the quick links for "Free on iTunes"

3. least expensive way to get Adobe Bridge

--- legally, it is only available with Adobe Creative Cloud, $600 per year, billed $49.99 / month

4. Boot camp -- need to remove and reinstall Windows 7

-- no need to erase, just reload from the Windows distribution disk.