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Meeting Notes for October 21, 2013

posted Nov 18, 2013, 2:30 PM by Robert Brown

News and Events

Concerning the iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor, some users indicate that hand creme perhaps interferes with fingerprint ID. We also confirmed that a disembodied finger will not work. The Germany hackers concept of "easy"  in regard to their methof of hacking the fingerprint sensor is not the same as everybody else's concept of "easy", meaning it is actually hard.

Target and Walmart had iPhone 5c phones at $79

iPhone 5c orders go down, while 5s orders go up.

But iPhone 5c is selling well.

iTunes Radio, along with iTunes 11.1, has been introduced. How fares against Pandora?

Apple Event Tomorrow - iPads? [As it turned out, yes, indeed. More info at our next meeting.]

On Security:

• Oracle release a big Java update –

• Apple release Java update to remove Java 6 from browsers, forcing users to get official Oracle Java if they want to run Java in their browsers. This is very important because Java 6 is no longer being supported by Oracle –

A back door has been found in D-Link routers:
Details here (including a few updates) –

Security Patch in MS Office 2011

If you have a 2012 MacBook Air…. there's an issue re SSD

Apple updates EFI on 2013 MBAs


Researchers claim Apple's Messages not all that secure

Apple disagrees

US Mac/PC Market share numbers for Q3 - Macs lose a bit, PCs up a bit

iPhone Does well this past summer in the US Marketshare

MS Office coming for iPad…. Says Balmer


New Campus gets Cupertino approval

Apple hires a Retail Leader - Forbes Likes the choice

Tim Cook Honors Steve on 2nd Anniversary of Steve's passing

On Carl Ichan, and AAPL stock: Apple should borrow money and buyback shares

        Buffett Disagrees

Apple to report earnings Oct. 28 [expect to hear about it at our next meeting]


Other News:

David Pogue Leaves NYT (!!)



Samsung Loses a couple of rounds

       i) Judge Koh not happy

       ii) Jobs Patent upheld

SEC Closes Apple Tax Investigation


Main Presentation


Evernote presented by Erin Hall, Marketing for Evernote Business

How to use Evernote apps

Our lives are constantly changing -- our lives are fluid.

-- Where is work? Who are working with?

Trap 1: overwork the wrong app.
e.g. email
Do you email yourself to save articles or transfer documents?
You are emailing your future self.

Trap 2: one tool per task
Do you seek a new app for each new task?

Evernote can
    record meetings
    collect research
    track to-dosage
    etc. online or offline

Two thirds of the  Evernote users are using Evernote at work

Four ways to use Evernote
    collect and share ideas
       create an ideas notebook
       capture whiteboards and photos
       OCR handwritten text
    capture images from the web
    brainstorm in notes


Open Source Presentation


GPG Suite for the Macintosh 

     see the slide show here: