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Meeting Notes for November 18, 2013

posted Mar 10, 2014, 4:00 PM by Robert Brown


Adobe - update Flash (yes, again) version 11.9.900.152 is the latest

Note that Adobe has been breached, and account info for 130 million accounts has been taken - including 'encrypted' but not hashed passwords, credit card info, and password hints *in plain text*.  xkcd has a comic about the incident. 

MSFT has an exploited TIFF exploit

MacRumors got hacked - change your password if you're on their forums

Russian Linux malware got into the ISS.



Mavericks - and it's Free!

Apple TV Update

iOS 7.04 is out - includes a security update

iWork is now Free

iWork and iLife for Mac come free with every new Mac purchase. Existing users running Mavericks can update their apps for free from the Mac App Store℠. iWork and iLife for iOS are available for free from the App Store℠ for any new device running iOS 7, and are also available as free updates for existing users. GarageBand for Mac and iOS are free for all OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 users. Additional GarageBand instruments and sounds are available for a one-time in-app purchase of $4.99 for each platform.

Aperture 3.5

Safari 6.1


New Hardware:

New iPads

New Macs

MacPro to ship in December



Burn-In on Retina iPad Minis?

iPhone 5c Production Cuts

More Manufacturers for iPad Mini & iPhone 5c

Gene Munster Still Believes in Apple Television


General News:

Motion Issues, and fix, for iOS7

Europe Will Allow Mobile Device Use in Flight

Apple Buying PrimeSense?  

Apple's iTunes Taking Donations for Philippine typhoon relief

Steve Jobs Posthumously Inducted into Bay Area Business Hall of Fame

Apple Open on Thanksgiving?  Yes?  No

Samsung to replace Android?

Apple's Spaceship Campus Pics 

Apple to Build Sapphire Glass Manufacturing Plant

Icahn and Apple Stock



The curious case of IDC, Gartner & Strategy Analytics' PC, phone & tablet data on Apple

Add up all this stuff and you could create the impression that the rest of the world is winning with 81 percent of somethingorother, distracting away from the fact that Apple is destroying its competition in both phones and tablets in the only market segments that a vendor with the luxury of being choosy would choose to do business in. 

I'm sure nobody will catch on.



Today's Court Ruling:  Apple v Samsung

WSJ LawBlog

Apple vs Samsung Retrial