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Meeting Notes for February 17, 2014

posted Mar 10, 2014, 4:09 PM by Robert Brown   [ updated Mar 10, 2014, 4:13 PM ]
Security Issues  

i) Comcast data breach - Change your password, especially if you use a Comcast email address

ii)  Update Flash - yes, that’s TWO zero day updates in February, in case you think you’ve already done this one. Current version for Mac OSX is

This Link tells you what version you have installed

iii) Apple’s SSL/TLS flaw;  already fixed in iOS, as of Friday (?), iOS 7.06 Still to be fixed in OSX

According to Computerworld:  

But note:  Until Apple fixes it, any data transmitted by those applications is at risk, although the danger is mitigated somewhat since an attacker must be on the same network as the victim.  (Underline is mine.)

What to do: On any public network - or network you don’t trust, use Chrome, or Firefox, not Safari for secure transmissions.

From the ZNET article:  Fortunately for Mac users who have not upgraded to OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), it appears from the early tests that OS X has only had the bug since version 10.9

From the Mac Observer article: 
What can you to do reduce the risk of your data being compromised? Avoid using public Wi-Fi. If you must use it, consider using a VPN (Cloak is a fine choice for OS X and iOS) to provide an additional layer of security for your network connection. If you send sensitive data via email, consider using S/MIME or GPG to encrypt and sign your email.  If you're really worried, use an earlier version of OS X, since only Mavericks looks to be vulnerable per Vulnerability Summary for CVE-2014-1266.
And try not to panic, at least not until you've found your towel. This bug will not send all of your confidential data to the criminals of the world, but it certainly makes it easier for those with the right tools.
All this said, all Mavericks users should be on alert for this fix, and update their Macs ASAP.

IV)  And one more:  A personal tale - moral:  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FIND MY DEVICE activated for all your Apple gear.

Comcast data breach — you should change your password!

Adobe Flash — two updates to eliminate zero day exploits

Apple SSL/TLS flaw - fixed in iOS - a fix for OS X is coming.— the flaw appeared in 10.9, not early versions.

Dropbox is encrypted on their servers
but some security people point out that 
legal warrants can be used to fetch your data

Ditto Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

Lynda advises using “Find My Mac” - it helped her when some one stole her MacBook Air. 
You should make sure that all of your devices are registered on your iCloud account.


Presentation — Ted Landau

For Ted, the presentation to us was a trial run of his presentation which will be at the MacWorld/iWorld  Expo in a few weeks -- it would unkind of us to steal his thunder! Accordingly, I am holding the  presentation notes until after the MacWorld/iWorld Expo. 

Open Source


simple animated screen capture

captures an area of your screen and saves it directly to an animated GIF

Lightweight Image Composition Engine (LICE)

Used for really short (seconds) animations.

Must buy Reaper (Cockos digital audio workstation software) to lcf and hight definition output.

Also, the GIF is not optimized — you may optimize the GIF using other graphic editing software.


Q and A

1. My home network (Airport Extreme) will only allow one device at a time to use the Internet.
Use Airport Utility to check the DHCP settings. Make sure the Airport is assigning the DCHP.

2. I am getting a server error when I try to sync Android calendar with my Mac iCloud calendar.

This should be possible via a CalDAV connection.

3. Put MacBook Pro video to a television

Use an HDMI adapter, and set the MacBook Pro display settings.
Or use an AppleTV and AirPlay (if you  are using Mavericks).

4. iCloud - How to use “Find My Mac”
Register a device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, MacBook,…) using the iCloud settings on the given device.

To use the service,

on the iPad and iPhone, use the Find My iPhone app.

on a Mac, go to the iCloud site.