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Meeting Notes for April 21, 2014

posted Apr 21, 2014, 7:29 PM by Robert Brown   [ updated Apr 21, 2014, 9:18 PM ]

SVMUG April 21, 2014

News and Events


Heartbleed - Details below;  Remember this is a vulnerability, not an exploit at this point in time. BUT it is a humongous vulnerability.

MS Word zero day;  patch has been issued, update if you use MS Word (original news came out on this one 3/14, & we did mention MS updates last meeting….)


Other News:

Apple reports earnings this Wed., 4/23/14

MS Office for iOS ships

April Fools jokes? ThinkGeek, Houzz, Apple is buying iFixit

Play video for April Fools’ During Break

Maker Faire is coming May 17, 18 in San Mateo


Heartbleed Vulnerability for SVMUG 


What to Do.

1) Check that your device itself is safe  

2) Check that your browsers/email clients are safe in that they refuse revoked certificates

3)  Consider sites you visit - especially those that have important information such as banking, insurance, credit card; also email - i.e. gmail, yahoo mail, etc.  

You will need to change - unless you are very very lucky, some passwords.

Mashable Link to check list of popular sites    There are other good sources - if you have s/thing else you like as a source, that’s fine.

Here’s how to check websites:  1Password Watchtower  There are other sites that will let you do this. 

Digital Trends list of iOS/Android Apps that might be affected.



Additional Link - on What to Do from MacObserver, and includes clear, detailed explanations, and instructions.  It’s also listed n the article below.


A Vimeo video that explains the vulnerability itself.


NOTE:  THE MATERIAL BELOW WAS PUBLISHED 4/13/14, episode #466, by Bart Busschots & Allison Sheridan, as part of the NosilaCast podcast; Therefore a few details could be out of date. 

Change passwords on Crashplan, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GoDaddy,

Not necessary to change passwords on Apple or Microsoft or Amazon.

Presentation - Backblaze by Yev Pusin - @YevP

Backblaze was not affected by Heartbleed.]

46% of Backblaze users restore data each year.

but only 10% of people back up their data regularly. 

Backblaze is a native application on the Mac. (and on Windows.)

-- easy to install - designed for grandparents.

-- continuous, fast, secure

-- if a full restore of massive data is needed, Backblaze will ship a hard drive with the data to you.

-- also have an iPhone app (Android is coming soon) to access data.

$5 per month

$50 per year

$95 for two years

(per computer).

Blackblaze is NOT

    data sync

    data sharing



Backblaze is data backup only.

They offer unlimited backup, however you can designate folders as being excluded if you wish.

Backblaze builds their own massive hard drive arrays -- the design is open sourced.

3-2-1 Rule

You should have 3 copies of a file

     the original, a local copy (Time Machine), and a third offsite (Backblaze)

In business for 6 years.

" backup before you wish you had."

For Mac OS X 10.4 and above.

Compared to Carbonite: used to throttle upload speed. Do not do videos by default, more expensive

Compared to Crashplan: a bit more expensive, and they run on a Java emulation, which is a performance hit.

15 day trial - start with that, uploading. Then open a full account.


Open Source

Q and A