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March 21, 2016 Meeting Notes

posted Apr 18, 2016, 2:38 PM by Robert Brown



Ads Spreading Malware/Ransomware

(Flash, Java, Silverlight)

Use AdBlockers as a Defense?

Reason to Stay Up to Date

First Mac Ransomware (Near Miss)

    No actual damage done for three reasons:

1) the malware was designed to stay dormant for 72 hours (presumably to make it harder to figure out where it came from)

2) Transmission, the vendor, responded promptly with clear and accurate messages to users, and, with an updated version of Transmission that removed the malware. (Bad Version only there for 36 to 48 hours)

3) Apple responded quickly by revoking the developer cert used to sign the malware, and adding the malware itself to XProtect. Revoking the cert stopped the malicious installer from passing gatekeeper, and adding the malware itself to XProtect prevents it from running, even on systems that installed the malware before the dev cert was fixed.

The end result of all this is that it seems like none of the few thousand people who contracted this malware lost any data. So – in real terms this was not actually a major disaster, it was however a near miss!

from Bart Busschots on

AceDeceiver - Only for PCs in China

Update Flash, You Use it

Mac Users Targeted by Misspelled Domains

Good News - iCloud Hacker Guilty



Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Samsung v Apple

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Apple re iBook Case

FBI Gets Nasty - Threatens Source Code

FBI Could Crack the Phone…. Here’s how

UN Human Rights Commissioner Supports Apple

FBI ‘Facts’ - Not so Much…

Dormant Cyber Pathogen

Another Former CIA Director Sides with Apple

Richard Clarke (Former Counter Terrorism, etc.) Sides with Apple

Apple’s Legal Argument Looks Good…. Harvard Law Prof.

Senator Lindsay Graham Switches Sides

Proposed Legislation from Feinstein

Tim Cook Time Mag Interview

NOW FBI Says ‘Never Mind’

(John Oliver on Encryption, FBI, etc.)


General News:

Apple Hires Amazon Exec as Security ‘Chief’

Apple Moves to Google for Cloud Services

Apple & Google Face European Parliament 

‘News’ App Now Open to all publishers

93% of Apple Facilities on Renewable Energy

iPhone SE

iPad Pro 9.7”

iPad Air II Now Starts @ $399

Apple Watch Gets Lower Price & New Bands

Meet Liam



iOS  9.3 - must have for security

OS X 10.11.4 - 

iTunes 12.3.3 - 

Watch OS 2.2

TVOS 9.2

Xcode 7.3


Quicken 2016

Marcus Aiu and Jeff Parker from Quicken presenting.


sneak preview - right now have a per month budget. New: budget over a full year. Currently, this is “alpha” code.

New: direct connect bill pay. 

Buy: and the Mac App Store.

and vote for new features.

Raffle: a copy

Q and A

1. Limit the number of emails that are displayed in the recent emails of the iPhone.

Limit the downloading of emails to the iPhone. Try creating folders for different categories of mail, using the tools on the server. 

2. When you click on a purchased TV program, can you set the preferences to show only the most recent episodes, rather than the whole list of episodes? Otherwise you do a lot of right swiping to find the desired episode. 

We are not sure

The download buffering estimate seems wrong. 

This is because of the way Apple TV attempts to estimate, based on the first few bytes, and the byte rate average.

3. When I add events to my Gmail calendar, the events show up in my iPhone calendar, but not vice versa. Can I fix this to work both ways?

On the iPhone, under calendar settings, set default calendar to Google. 

The iPhone fetches data from multiple calendars, but creates events in only one calendar.

4. How do I delete a recovery disk (recovery partition). 

Normally, you only see the Mac partitions — the recovery partitions are only shown if you use an “option” boot. 

Frankly, you should not delete the recovery partition. It is necessary.

5. Is there a way to prevent iCloud from opening upon startup? I have an ATT cell phone modem, called “ATT All Access”. I am shown two successive iCloud sign-in windows, which takes forever to connect.