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March 20, 2017 Meeting Notes

posted Apr 10, 2017, 1:03 PM by Robert Brown


March 20, 2017 SVMUG

New people

Dave Wilson

came because of Derrick Story mailing list

Answer to Question from Last Meeting:

Storage for iPhone - From Wally Cherwinski


Jonathan Zdziarski Joins Apple

Pwn2Own Hackers Find 2 Zero Day Safari Exploits

iPhone Thieves Attempt to Phish Victims for Apple IDs

WikiLeaks Publishes CIA Hacking Docs 

Apple Has Already Patched Most WikiLeaks/CIA Flaws

Stolen Software Causes Permanent Encryption (Mac)

US Justice Dept. Charges Russian Hackers & Spies



Apple Annual Meeting

Wall Street Analysts Like iPhone Prospects



Apple Sues Qualcomm in UK

Apple Opposes Right to Repair Bill


General News:

New Apple Campus ‘Apple Park’

Tim Cook on Globalization & Privacy in China

Apple Updates HomeKit Page

Apple Tops Ratings for Laptop Support

SJ Autographed NextWorld Poster

Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai Have Dinner

AppleCare Window Now 1 Year for iPhones

Maker Faire Bay Area May 19 - 21 



Microsoft Updates Cortana for iOS

Microsoft & Adobe Patch, But…

Microsoft Wants Users on Windows 10



Next iPhone to have OLED Display

MacRumors Debunks Rumor


Lynda Gousha 3/20/17

7:30 Main Presentation

Apple’s Photos app… the oft-maligned, built-in approach to dealing with photos on your Mac. Worth using? Yes!!! Fabulous photo professional Derrick Story is here to show us Photos’ current functionality and usefulness. It’s more powerful than you think. 

Tim Cook said “we care about the Pro users”. Yet it seems recently turned away with the discontinuing of Aperture and the languishing of FCPX.

But we do have Photos - and it is surprisedly good. There was no real transition from the old Aperture to Photos. It upset a lot of folks in photography.

Photos is a blessing for iPhone photography. 

Derrick had been consultant for the design Aperture. 

He became a champion of Aperture during its development,

even though Photoshop is the top editor.

He was not sure at first, if he would jump on the Photos bandwagon.

Common complaints: 

no star ratings

no color tags

Apple was actually doing some good stuff under the hood, but were not being very good about promoting it. Apple was concentrating on the meta-data as a means to organize photographs in Photos. They have facial and object and location aware indexing.

Photos is significantly more powerful with extensions

DxO OpticaPro for Photos provides lens distortion corrections for many common camera and lens combinations. 

EdgePhotos provides for advanced cropping and framing and texturing.

Noiseless provides for smoothing at eight selectable strength levels.