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March 16, 2015 Meeting Notes

posted Mar 16, 2015, 9:35 PM by Robert Brown   [ updated Mar 16, 2015, 9:44 PM ]



Google Safe Browsing System Updated 

CIA attempts at breaking Apple Security 

Discussion:  “does not seem to have been deployed”

Update Flash (yes, again)

FREAK Vulnerability Did Affect Windows

Windows Update Cautions - Sequence is Crucial this time

More (Update) on Superfish - Government Certificates not an issue AFAIK, Superfish is an issue

“… it took about 3 hours to reverse engineer the Lenovo/Superfish certificate and crack the password. In this blog post, I described how I used that certificate in order to pwn victims using a rogue WiFi hotspot. This took me also about three hours.” 

Brian Krebs on Apple Pay (Bank/Credit Card) Scams

— stolen credit cards are used by thieves on their own Apple Pay 

— not really an Apple Pay problem


Apple Updates for FREAK Vulnerability & More (Note, this is iOS, Mac OS & Apple TV)

General News:

Apple Announcement:  MacBook  Watch Research Kit

And, more Research Kit  HBO on Apple TV

Apple Annual Shareholders Meeting - Tweets from Fortune  Article from Apple Insider

Tim:  Tell us how/where we can do better

Steve Jobs Video from Next Days

Petition for Dropbox NOT to Drop Support for 10.4 & 10.5 (Tiger & Leopard)

Apple Invited to Join Dow Jones Average

Mail List Issues - AOL, Yahoo, etc.

iTunes ‘Outage’ 3/11/15 (US & Europe)

Presentation by Scott Jenson of Google — Open Source

The Internet of Things 

Smart Devices

Withings scale, Nest thermostat, …

Previously at Frog Designs.

You do not want separate apps for each smart device.

How about URL’s instead?

The growth of smart devices will be exponential, and getting more apps is not going to scale with that growth.

Furthermore, apps are being drown in the number of App releases.

40% of apps on the Apple store have NEVER been downloaded!

The goal is to get the controls of smart devices to scale like the web scaled.

The smart device sends a bluetooth code to bring up its web page. It is a discovery service for the devices in your immediate environment.

It has to be decentralized. 

Discover - Rank - Interact

It is not a Google product — it is a web product.

Bluetooth LE sends out an advertising packet, once each second.

The packet is a URL, e.g. “” from a coke machine.

A phone comes by and checks what is nearby, e.g. the coke machine.

These physical devices create the physical web.

Bus stops, vending machines, restaurants, groceries, home controls, etc.

But it only shows you things when you ask to be shown.

Users can opt-in to letting the system gather anon. data.

Your past behavior will be used to rank the most interesting things for you.

It is like QR codes, only broadcast over Bluetooth LE.

The web site, e.g., can send instructions to a vending machine, that you have paid with ApplePay, and you want a Diet Coke.

simple web: smart device sends you a link to the web 

triangular web: the web server tells the smart device what you want.

direct connect: your phone talks to the web server, and also to the smart device.

The project is on Github, with more than 3400 developers watching, participating.

physical web is available on the Apple iOS store.


1. Odd email problem with Apple Mail on my computer, Mavericks.

Outbox items are not being sent.

This might be a known problem with Gmail, where the SMTP server keeps dropping off the list.

Maybe check the Taking Control of Apple Mail book.

Some big providers, e.g. Comcast, are not letting mail work except on their network.

2. My old printer is not working under Yosemite. It is a Canon. 

Apple Support may be able to help — call the support number.

Try generic printer driver.

Keep checking the Canon site for new driver downloads.

3. When I use Siri to initiate a phone call over a bluetooth headset, it drops the headset just as the call starts.

Check your preferences, and make sure you preference is to use the headset for phone calls.

4. QEMU - running Windows programs on Mac.

Anyone using.

5. Best practices for Time Machine backup: 

external drive direct connect is the best, using Thunderbolt.

WiFi network drives allow multiple machine backups.

6. Under Yosemite, can I have an app start up automatically?

    Yes -- under Users account, set up in login items. 

    and also by using contextual menu on a Dock icon.

7.  How do I uninstall MacKeeper?

    Go to for instructions.

    Also try "App Delete" or "App Zapper".

    Do not trust the MacKeeper provided uninstaller.