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January 22, 2018 meeting notes

posted Jan 22, 2018, 10:21 PM by Robert Brown


January 22, 2018 SVMUG


Meltdown & Spectre

Meltdown Explanation (Apps can Get Into Secure Parts)

∙ No Known Exploits

∙ Stay Patched

Apple Specific Info

What Vendors (Incl. Apple) are Doing

Windows Test from GRC

Text Bomb 

How to Protect iOS Devices - iMore

Apple’s Two Factor Auth - How To


General News:

iPhone Battery Brouhaha

Previous Claims About Slowdown

Possible Implications or Maybe Not

  Apple’s Efforts


Government Action - Especially Italy (with Samsung)

Apple Invests Lots of Money 


Wall Street Likes It

Apple Annual Meeting Feb. 13

Apple Does Well During Holidays

Apple Gets Fortune’s Most Admired Award (Again)

One FBI Rep Says Apple are Jerks


One ‘BigWig’ FBI Rep Likes Apple

Apple Gets FCC Approval for HomePod

HP & Apple Lead PC Marketshare

Apple Watch of the Future

In Chicago, Ice Falls from Buildings   



High Sierra 10.13.2

Safari 11.0.2. (El Capitan & Sierra)

iOS 11.2.2


Any recommended speakers, see me.

Lynda Gousha 1/22/19


Mac Developer and Podcaster Brett Terpstra

Get the most from your Mac without taking your hand from the keyboard.

Keyboard Efficiency

You should use your keyboard more than your trackpad.

Traveling from keyboard to mouse/trackpad is inefficient.

You can hit key combinations instead.

On Dialogs

Turn on “Full Keyboard Access” in Keyboard settings

In a dialog, tab will navigate through the options.

“Enter” selects the default button

Space selects the focused  button (outlined)

Space on a dropdown will open it and can navigate with arrows.

Escape will usually close a dialog, or hit a cancel button if one exists.

Use cmd-? to search for the menu item

   Look for the keyboard shortcut that will be shown to the right.

cmd-[comma] will preferences in any application.

cmd- c/x/v/a/n/o/w/q are well known

cmd-h will hide, option-cmd-h will hide others

Brett’s Favorites

cmd-[tab] to bring up app switcher

  hold cmd down and hit [tab] repeatedly to move through the app icons

  hold cmd down and  hit shift-[tab} repeatedly to in the reverse direction

Use left-right arrow keys to navigate folders in a finder window

highlight a file

       hit cmd-c to copy a file

hit cmd-v to paste a file

cmd-shift-g is the Go to Folder command


ctrl a/e

ctrl n/p

ctrl t

Creating your own shortcuts

Open System Preferences -> Keyboard -> App shortcuts

Use + icon to choose application and menu item and your choice of shortcut.

For Unix users

System level key bindings

— a bit of a hack —

Look in user library for KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict

In that file, in plist format, you can edit the shortcuts for system level commands

— these are the Cocoa commands that applications call for various text tasks.

Apps for Keyboard Shortcuts


LaunchBar or Alfred


Keyboard Maestro

Karabiner Elements  

Hyper Key

Regretfully, none of these are available in the Mac App Store, because these are system modifying applications. But these are developer signed applications, which you can obtain from the developer and install on your Mac computer. 

Brett’s book is available in the iBooks Store.

==== Break ====

Q and A

1. Updated iPhone - need to update hundreds of apps - this takes hours! 

     Update all tends to stall. 

Try updating ten at a time. 

2. Time Machine has unexpectedly stop working. I could restart it without losing the backups. Why is this happening?

3. Xserve - want to more than 2 TB volumes via Xserve.

Xserver (not to be confused with Mac OS X Server) is a deprecated product. Nothing can be done.

4. Is there a method to select a bunch on iPhone, and moving these into email.

Apple has a tip on that.