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February 23, 2015 Meeting Notes

posted Mar 12, 2015, 9:24 AM by Robert Brown




  • Yosemite to 10.10.2 
  • iOS to 8.1.3 
  • iTunes to 12.1 
  • Apple TV update 

General News: 




  • Apple Investing in European Data Centers 
  • Apple Building CA Solar Farm 
  • Tim Cook speaks at Cybersecurity Summit 
  • Pilots use iPads to crash land a plane after navigation system failure  


  • Apple Results, Awesome:  First Link, Second Link 
  • Tim Cook Speaks at Goldman Sachs Conference 
  • Goldman ups Apple Price Target to $145 
  • Apple Includes Minority Banks in Bond offering 


Presentation Highlights

    Pages by Michael Cohen

    Author of Take Control of Pages

    Why was Pages rewritten by Apple?

    — because the market is now been led by iDevices as opposed to desktops or laptops.

    — Apple wishes to have continuity of appearance and operation between iOS and Mac OS X.

Part of the cross compatibility is that Pages will recognize when a given device does not have a font which is used in a document, make the appropriate substitution, but without changing the original font assignment.

Alas, we lost newspaper style column flows, mail merge, and other utilities. 

So many people are complaining that “Pages was dumbed down”, but this is unfair. Pages remains a sophisticated document authoring tool. The new Pages is not stupid.


1. Bluetooth keypad (LMP) is not communicating with my Mac. The connection was lost suddenly. The battery is fine. It will not pair with the computer.

— try leaving the battery out for more than 24 hours, to clear out residue data in the memory. 

— in the Mac, tell it to forget the given bluetooth device, and discover it fresh.

2. If I have 5 GB in Dropbox, when I install Dropbox on my iOS device, will it take up 5 GB? Can I selectively sync only certain folders of the Dropbox?

— yes, you can choose, on each device individually, which folders will be sync’ed.

— we will investigate.