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August 15, 2016 Meeting Notes

posted Aug 19, 2016, 9:05 AM by Robert Brown

SVMUG Meeting August 15, 2016

News and Events


Apple (Cook) Holds Firm on Taxes

Expects to pay no repatriation without “Fair Rate”.

35% would be paid if off-shore money was brought into the USA.

He points out that most of Apple profits are generated from overseas sales.



iPhone Theft Victims Beware of Phishing Attempts

Beware of emails that appear to be from Apple

claiming that help is available on a web site to

recover a stolen iPhone. They are actually trying

to obtain your Apple ID password.

Link Explaining More re iPhone Theft Victims & Phishing

Apple Begins Bug Bounty Program

up to $200,000 for reports of bugs

in iOS and iCloud. But the offer is

only for invited researchers, of known


Apple urls for reporting phishing emails & iCloud emails

forward phishing emails to

other suspicious emails to

Some Ransomware Does Nothing When You Pay

Rival Ransomware Gang Sabotages another

Site for Recovering Data w/out Paying Ransom

Tech Companies Use Anti Drone Techniques?



Berkshire Increases AAPL Holdings

up by 55%

Apple Makes $ on Pokémon

will make $3 billion from the Pokémon craze


General News:

No, Apple is NOT Making a Tank

It was another company, mistaken for Apple

Complaints about ‘No New Macs’

Rumors of new Macs in the Fall.

Apple Getting More Corporate Business

Steve Jobs did not put much effort into enterprise customers

but new business is coming from enterprise customers for iPads, iPhones.

Tim Cook Interview 

Tim Cook’s Apple

Apple Selling Wholesale Energy

from their solar panels



iOS 9.3.4

Public Betas Updated 



Apple Watch Fall Update w/GPS & More!


Home Automation - Doorbell -

Jamie Siminoff — CEO of Ring -

The product is an intercom/camera/doorbell that communicates over the internet.

WiFi enabled doorbell with one-way video, two-way audio

+ additional cameras for use in the home.

The original was the “doormat” which he built for himself for his needs, not expecting to turn it into a company.

Launched in 2012 at the Paris Web event.

$199 full retail price classic

$249 full retail price Pro version

They appeared on “Shark Tank”, which brought in publicity and sales.

Doormat was shipped at the end of 2013, but they realized it was really a beta product.

They retooled and built Ring, bringing it out in 2014.

Sir Richard Branson has invested.

They are now in stores like Target, CostCo, Amazon, Lowes, …

Q: IoT providers are not usually security conscious. What do you do to protect the device from hackers intruding via the network?

A: There is a big financial gain for us to lead in security.

The system will be streaming video in 600 milliseconds, sent to the cloud servers.

A member comments that he knows of users who have found the system to be too slow.

The auxiliary cameras - stick up cameras - are battery powered as well. 

The cloud storage costs $3 per month or $30 per year, and the videos are saved for six months.

They will be compatible with the forthcoming release of HomeKit.

Under normal use, the battery only needs to recharged every six to twelve months.

Peer-to-peer operation is expected in a few months.

Are you concerned about China manufactured knockoffs? You have to out-execute the competitors who are making knockoffs.

California is an All Party Consent state —

Classic: dual powered door camera - uses both battery and wired powered.

Pro: works only off doorbell wires

A solar panel can be installed to trickle charge the doorbell.

You may share access to your door camera and videos with others, e.g. a neighbor.

Motion detection by heat detection can be filtered on the Pro version to reject non-human events.

SVMUG discount code: 9svmug 

Open Source

The Markdown text formatting syntax standard.


1. Is there a replacement for AppleWorks for drawing?

EZDraw. — available in the App Store or at the web site.

There is a trial license available. Look into Libre Office as well.

2. — will pull up alternative software

3. Measure upload speed of my connection.

4. Why is the Apple iTunes Store unreliable — outages of one to four days.

It may not be the ITS, but could be your ISP.

Try using LTE instead of WiFi.

5. iOS and iCloud Photo Sharing. Can the cache size setting be adjusted. 

We will have investigate.