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April 18, 2016 Meeting Notes

posted May 2, 2016, 3:08 PM by Robert Brown

SVMUG Notes 

April 18, 2016

News and Events


60 Minutes Phone Hacking Story

Note that there were three vectors i) fake hotel network, and ii) downloading a file (via text), plus one ‘Bluetooth Driveby’

proficient hackers demonstrated hacks.

man in the middle using fraudulently WiFi hotspot

Defense: environmental awareness, and use a VPN.

“Apple ID due to expire….” - Text Phishing attempt

throw away such messages — it is a fraud.

Apple Fixes Bug That Allowed Access to Contacts & More

0Day Flash Flaw Used for Ransomware (Windows) But….

Apple Says ‘Most Effective Security Organization in World’

Windows?  Uninstall QuickTime

Do NOT Pick Up USB Sticks…. DANGER!

ARRIS SURFboard Cable Modems Need Updating


FBI Drops San Bernardino Case Against Apple

Bryan will cover this in his presentation tonight.

‘Grey Hats’ Help FBI Crack San Bernardino Phone

No Useful Info on San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone 5c

Apple Quotes FBI in Boston iPhone Case

DOJ Continues Appeal of NY iPhone Case

No Obama Support for US Senators Feinstein & Burr Anti-encryption Bill 

empower judges to force companies to assist law enforcement

Bloomberg on Background to FBI v Apple

Paris Terrorists Used Burner Phones

Microsoft Sues US Gov’t 

over orders to reveal customer’s emails and a gag order on those orders

Apple & FBI Testify to Congress - Again

General News:

Bill Campbell Passes On

WWDC Dates, Lottery Announced 

Enterprise Employees Choose Apple

Apple Grows Share of Worldwide PC Market


Stock Down on Supply Chain ‘Concerns’


Next iPhone May be Glass

Apple Doing More Original TV?

New MacBook on the Way?


Office 2011 for Mac - Security Update

iOS 9.3.1 - Fixes Link Issue with 9.3

Presentation — Bryan Chaffin

FBI versus Apple and The People

1990’s - crypto wars, our intelligence agencies try to prevent encryption technology from being exported.

— so the foreign tech companies developed their own.

— now twenty years later, we are making a similar mistake.

is there a way to let only the good guys to snoop? Reason dictates that is not possible. If keys exist, everyone can look for those keys.

Also, if you give the government the ability to spy secretly on anyone anytime, how long until they get around to spying on you?

Open Source — GnuCash

Questions and Answers

1. Preview has a memory leak when dealing with PDF files. Recently I had to do a lot of work with PDF, and lost 40 GB of disk space. How do I recover this space. 

We think it should be a cache file management problem. Also Preview may be saving versions of files, but that should be visible. Maybe virtual memory files are eating disk space. Perhaps a disk optimization program might find the missing space. Use the console to check for recurring errors. Perhaps the logs are increasing without limit. 

2. Booting up MacBook Pro, it seems to always use a WiFi connection rather than an ethernet connection, even though the ethernet is plugged in and ready. 

In Mac System Preferences -> Network Settings, you can enable several different connections simultaneously. The priority by which each will be used is set by the order in the list of connections in the network settings control panel. If you wish ethernet to have the highest priority, simply drag the ethernet item to the top of the list. 

By the way, the same is true for setting the priority of WiFi connections, should more than one WiFi “hotspot” be available in a given environment. Simply drag the item for the most preferred hotspot to the top of the list that is found under Network -> Advanced settings.