Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes June 16, 2014

posted Jul 14, 2014, 12:06 PM by Robert Brown

June 16, 2014


Lynda Gousha

News and Events

General News:

Angela Ahrendts begins heading Retail - Visits New Store Opening in Japan

Apple buys Beats

Beats Music Discount from Target

New Radio Stations on iTunes, ESPN & NPR

7/1 Stock Split Happened 6/9/14

China State Media States US Companies ‘cohort’ with NSA


AT&T Says customer data was accessed without authorization

Australia iPhone Hack

Russia Arrests Suspects of Australian Apple Device Hack


EU Investigating Apple, Starbucks & Fiat for Taxes

More Apple vs Samsung


EFI for MacBook Airs 2013/2014

Battery Issue for MacBook Airs Update

Mac OS X Server updatre


Prepaid & Month to Month iPhones in Apple Stores?

iWatches in October?

Apple Expects to Sell 3 - 5 Million iWatches per Month?

WWDC - Lots of enthusiasm!!!

Apple Streamed the Keynote

Easier Login

About the Enterprise

‘Last location’ to Find my iPhone

Amazon Prime members now have access to free music streaming and music downloads via the Amazon Music app.

AT&T customer data compromised -- perhaps an inside job, to sell old phones on the grey market. If you get an email from AT&T, check to make sure it is really from AT&T.

Australian iPhones hacked, with ransomware demands. Apple was itself not compromised -- it appears that a third party site was hacked, and if the victim used the same password from that site on his or her Apple ID, it gave the hackers access to the iPhone via iCloud. The hackers were arrested in Russia.

Updates: EFI for MacBook Air, also system updates for battery issues, and the Mac OS X server.

Rumors: prepaid and month-to-month iPhone plans to become available? iWatch coming in October? Apple expects to sell 3 -5 million iWatches per month? Samsung acquires Nuance? (Icahn owns 10% of Nuance)

BTW, Pebble is doing well, but the Samsung Watch is not. The Pebble is cross platform, the Samsung is not, and in fact the Samsung only works with certain models of Samsung smartphones.

A couple words about WWDC: seems to have more enthusiasm this year. The stock was kicked up. Developers were quite happy.

Featured Presentation

Dan Frakes on Apple’s 2014 World Wide Developers Conference

Going to talk shop about WWDC

Keynote: this is the one that people were most excited about, in memory. "

It felt very open, with many new tools.

The new extensions capability will allow apps like OnePassword to integrate with any other app.

"it was a buffet for developers"

70% of the developers were there for the first time. (Because of the lottery for seats.)

There was an alternative conference run for those who could not get in to WWDC. It was very well received.

Apple loosen the NDA, so that attendees could talk about the new releases.

Videos of the workshops are available for free, and more available for the $99 annual developer fee.

The iOS keyboard will provide predictive phrase completion.

Things like Text Expander will be available in iOS 8.

Continuity will pass documents across all of your devices.

Everything is going to work seamlessly.

iCloud is being completely revamped -- no more document silos! iCloud will be more like Dropbox. Developers are really excited about this.

iCloud will be open to Windows as well, as the iCloud Drive.

Developers will be allowed to make plugins for iCloud, for example integrating Dropbox into iCloud.

Yosemite will work on any machine that can work on Lion, forward.

(Do you remember OpenDoc?)

Swift program language: in the works for four years, really surprised everyone. Swift brings features for which developers had been asking.

New Photo Application: in the Cloud library of all of your photos -- accessed on any of your devices. 2 TB maximun at the moment.

Speculation: iPhoto and Aperture to merge.

iWorks? The previous update was intended to make Pages, Numbers, Keynote work the same (have parity) across all iOS and Mac. Some features had to be removed. These features and others may now be restored in forthcoming revisions.

Dashboard Widgets? It will off by default in Yosemite -- it will likely go away altogether in a year or two. But Notifications takes the place of widgets in a lot of functions.

Hardware? Still coming. Next Few Months. Really. Back to School. Christmas.

Developers are just sinking their teeth into the new capabilities -- give them some time to spread out. Also expect many new developers.






Text Expander and Keyboard Shortcuts are very similar. However text expander can do multiple lines, run scripts, provide selection menus.

Developers number one pipe dream is a new file system. ZFS?

A lot of bug fixes in Mavericks have been deferred to Yosemite. Mavericks was actually a minor update, compared to Yosemite.

Will AppleTV be the central hub for the HomeKit?

AirDrop to work between iOS and Mac OS X. Sorry, not backwards compatible.

Controverstial User Interfaces:

Some people hate transparent menubars

Some people hate changing the “green” button behavior


Open Source Corner


AppleJack is a script, intended for use in the “Single User Mode” of the Mac OS X. This script will perform several types of repairs on your system, automatically.

You can start a Mac into the single user mode by holding down the command-s keys immediately when powering on or restarting the computer.

In the single user mode, the computer will start up and run using just the generic Unix kernel software -- the Mac OS X is in effect not running at all. The operating system is pure Unix, and dangerous. You could really mess up.

By the way, the availability of the single user mode is why you will often read that if some one has physical access to your computer, they can do anything. Actually, not so much. For example, if you have wisely used File Vault, they would still need your password to read your files. More about that on some other day.

So, you are now in the terrifying pure Unix command environment. Why did you come here? Because your system needs help, and you are down to the Last Resort.

By running AppleJack, a sequence of repairs and optimizations will be performed on your system hard drive. AppleJack handles this sequence for you, acting like a Unix guru trying to fix your system.

It will repair the disk, repair the permissions, repair preferences files, and clear cache files which might be corrupted. When it has finished, it will restart your system.

AppleJack can be obtained from this link:

However, the page may load very slowly. You can also get AppleJack from MacFixIt and other troubleshooting sites.

The current version is 1.6. This version is compatible with Mac OS X Mevericks and with File Vault.

The AppleJack installer adds a script in the Unix user executables path:

The installer also adds documentation for AppleJack into your Library/Documentation folder.

You run AppleJack by issuing this command in the single user terminal:


Typically, you will choose to use the “auto pilot”. The script will execute the listed the tasks, and then restart the system.

I have run AppleJack on my laptop -- it simply ran without incident.


Questions and Answers

1. BBEdit can not close using the red button.

-- No one seems to be aware of this problem.

-- Try command-W, or the menus

2. Any favorite clipboard apps, e.g. for multiple clips

-- Collective

-- Launchbar

-- Clip Menu

-- Clipper

3. F9 does not show open windows in Mavericks

Is anyone using the function keys in Mavericks?

-- the function keys have been changed, actually starting back in Leopard.

-- you can designate some keys via the system keyboard preferences.

-- Mission Control actually takes the place of the old Expose.

4.  4 GB of RAM, should I upgrade to 8 GB or higher?

-- Higher!

-- No such thing as too much RAM.

5. My Canon Scanner keeps asking for network access.

-- could be looking for firmware updates

-- could have something to do with network mounted scanners.

6. When a window is small, the columns in a file browser or info display will slide (scroll) to the left as you click on things on the right. Can the columns be made to not slide automatically?

-- No.

Wrap Up

Meeting Notes for April 21, 2014

posted Apr 21, 2014, 7:29 PM by Robert Brown   [ updated Apr 21, 2014, 9:18 PM ]

SVMUG April 21, 2014

News and Events


Heartbleed - Details below;  Remember this is a vulnerability, not an exploit at this point in time. BUT it is a humongous vulnerability.

MS Word zero day;  patch has been issued, update if you use MS Word (original news came out on this one 3/14, & we did mention MS updates last meeting….)


Other News:

Apple reports earnings this Wed., 4/23/14

MS Office for iOS ships

April Fools jokes? ThinkGeek, Houzz, Apple is buying iFixit

Play video for April Fools’ During Break

Maker Faire is coming May 17, 18 in San Mateo


Heartbleed Vulnerability for SVMUG 


What to Do.

1) Check that your device itself is safe  

2) Check that your browsers/email clients are safe in that they refuse revoked certificates

3)  Consider sites you visit - especially those that have important information such as banking, insurance, credit card; also email - i.e. gmail, yahoo mail, etc.  

You will need to change - unless you are very very lucky, some passwords.

Mashable Link to check list of popular sites    There are other good sources - if you have s/thing else you like as a source, that’s fine.

Here’s how to check websites:  1Password Watchtower  There are other sites that will let you do this. 

Digital Trends list of iOS/Android Apps that might be affected.



Additional Link - on What to Do from MacObserver, and includes clear, detailed explanations, and instructions.  It’s also listed n the article below.


A Vimeo video that explains the vulnerability itself.


NOTE:  THE MATERIAL BELOW WAS PUBLISHED 4/13/14, episode #466, by Bart Busschots & Allison Sheridan, as part of the NosilaCast podcast; Therefore a few details could be out of date. 

Change passwords on Crashplan, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GoDaddy,

Not necessary to change passwords on Apple or Microsoft or Amazon.

Presentation - Backblaze by Yev Pusin - @YevP

Backblaze was not affected by Heartbleed.]

46% of Backblaze users restore data each year.

but only 10% of people back up their data regularly. 

Backblaze is a native application on the Mac. (and on Windows.)

-- easy to install - designed for grandparents.

-- continuous, fast, secure

-- if a full restore of massive data is needed, Backblaze will ship a hard drive with the data to you.

-- also have an iPhone app (Android is coming soon) to access data.

$5 per month

$50 per year

$95 for two years

(per computer).

Blackblaze is NOT

    data sync

    data sharing



Backblaze is data backup only.

They offer unlimited backup, however you can designate folders as being excluded if you wish.

Backblaze builds their own massive hard drive arrays -- the design is open sourced.

3-2-1 Rule

You should have 3 copies of a file

     the original, a local copy (Time Machine), and a third offsite (Backblaze)

In business for 6 years.

" backup before you wish you had."

For Mac OS X 10.4 and above.

Compared to Carbonite: used to throttle upload speed. Do not do videos by default, more expensive

Compared to Crashplan: a bit more expensive, and they run on a Java emulation, which is a performance hit.

15 day trial - start with that, uploading. Then open a full account.


Open Source

Q and A

March 2014 notes are pending

posted Apr 21, 2014, 7:27 PM by Robert Brown

March 2014 notes are pending

Meeting Notes for February 17, 2014

posted Mar 10, 2014, 4:09 PM by Robert Brown   [ updated Mar 10, 2014, 4:13 PM ]

Security Issues  

i) Comcast data breach - Change your password, especially if you use a Comcast email address

ii)  Update Flash - yes, that’s TWO zero day updates in February, in case you think you’ve already done this one. Current version for Mac OSX is

This Link tells you what version you have installed

iii) Apple’s SSL/TLS flaw;  already fixed in iOS, as of Friday (?), iOS 7.06 Still to be fixed in OSX

According to Computerworld:  

But note:  Until Apple fixes it, any data transmitted by those applications is at risk, although the danger is mitigated somewhat since an attacker must be on the same network as the victim.  (Underline is mine.)

What to do: On any public network - or network you don’t trust, use Chrome, or Firefox, not Safari for secure transmissions.

From the ZNET article:  Fortunately for Mac users who have not upgraded to OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), it appears from the early tests that OS X has only had the bug since version 10.9

From the Mac Observer article: 
What can you to do reduce the risk of your data being compromised? Avoid using public Wi-Fi. If you must use it, consider using a VPN (Cloak is a fine choice for OS X and iOS) to provide an additional layer of security for your network connection. If you send sensitive data via email, consider using S/MIME or GPG to encrypt and sign your email.  If you're really worried, use an earlier version of OS X, since only Mavericks looks to be vulnerable per Vulnerability Summary for CVE-2014-1266.
And try not to panic, at least not until you've found your towel. This bug will not send all of your confidential data to the criminals of the world, but it certainly makes it easier for those with the right tools.
All this said, all Mavericks users should be on alert for this fix, and update their Macs ASAP.

IV)  And one more:  A personal tale - moral:  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FIND MY DEVICE activated for all your Apple gear.

Comcast data breach — you should change your password!

Adobe Flash — two updates to eliminate zero day exploits

Apple SSL/TLS flaw - fixed in iOS - a fix for OS X is coming.— the flaw appeared in 10.9, not early versions.

Dropbox is encrypted on their servers
but some security people point out that 
legal warrants can be used to fetch your data

Ditto Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

Lynda advises using “Find My Mac” - it helped her when some one stole her MacBook Air. 
You should make sure that all of your devices are registered on your iCloud account.


Presentation — Ted Landau

For Ted, the presentation to us was a trial run of his presentation which will be at the MacWorld/iWorld  Expo in a few weeks -- it would unkind of us to steal his thunder! Accordingly, I am holding the  presentation notes until after the MacWorld/iWorld Expo. 

Open Source


simple animated screen capture

captures an area of your screen and saves it directly to an animated GIF

Lightweight Image Composition Engine (LICE)

Used for really short (seconds) animations.

Must buy Reaper (Cockos digital audio workstation software) to lcf and hight definition output.

Also, the GIF is not optimized — you may optimize the GIF using other graphic editing software.


Q and A

1. My home network (Airport Extreme) will only allow one device at a time to use the Internet.
Use Airport Utility to check the DHCP settings. Make sure the Airport is assigning the DCHP.

2. I am getting a server error when I try to sync Android calendar with my Mac iCloud calendar.

This should be possible via a CalDAV connection.

3. Put MacBook Pro video to a television

Use an HDMI adapter, and set the MacBook Pro display settings.
Or use an AppleTV and AirPlay (if you  are using Mavericks).

4. iCloud - How to use “Find My Mac”
Register a device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, MacBook,…) using the iCloud settings on the given device.

To use the service,

on the iPad and iPhone, use the Find My iPhone app.

on a Mac, go to the iCloud site.

Meeting Notes for January 27, 2014

posted Mar 10, 2014, 4:07 PM by Robert Brown   [ updated Mar 10, 2014, 4:09 PM ]

This meeting was video recorded and posted to YouTube


Meeting Notes for December 16

posted Mar 10, 2014, 4:03 PM by Robert Brown

Annual Potluck Party !



10.9.1 - Note that this was released today

New Flash update - 


iPad sales/availability:  from Apple Insider

Carl Icahn - stock ‘activist’ is criticized by Calpers

imminent iPhone in China and sitings

From Robert Brown:


Apple’s “12 Days of Gifts” app  starts early

Tim Cook at Auburn - article, etc.

EyeChart magazine on iOS Newsstand as source for my news reports, BTW

recommended:  Detroit Macintosh Users group podcast 

Meeting Notes for November 18, 2013

posted Mar 10, 2014, 4:00 PM by Robert Brown


Adobe - update Flash (yes, again) version 11.9.900.152 is the latest

Note that Adobe has been breached, and account info for 130 million accounts has been taken - including 'encrypted' but not hashed passwords, credit card info, and password hints *in plain text*.  xkcd has a comic about the incident. 

MSFT has an exploited TIFF exploit

MacRumors got hacked - change your password if you're on their forums

Russian Linux malware got into the ISS.



Mavericks - and it's Free!

Apple TV Update

iOS 7.04 is out - includes a security update

iWork is now Free

iWork and iLife for Mac come free with every new Mac purchase. Existing users running Mavericks can update their apps for free from the Mac App Store℠. iWork and iLife for iOS are available for free from the App Store℠ for any new device running iOS 7, and are also available as free updates for existing users. GarageBand for Mac and iOS are free for all OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 users. Additional GarageBand instruments and sounds are available for a one-time in-app purchase of $4.99 for each platform.

Aperture 3.5

Safari 6.1


New Hardware:

New iPads

New Macs

MacPro to ship in December



Burn-In on Retina iPad Minis?

iPhone 5c Production Cuts

More Manufacturers for iPad Mini & iPhone 5c

Gene Munster Still Believes in Apple Television


General News:

Motion Issues, and fix, for iOS7

Europe Will Allow Mobile Device Use in Flight

Apple Buying PrimeSense?  

Apple's iTunes Taking Donations for Philippine typhoon relief

Steve Jobs Posthumously Inducted into Bay Area Business Hall of Fame

Apple Open on Thanksgiving?  Yes?  No

Samsung to replace Android?

Apple's Spaceship Campus Pics 

Apple to Build Sapphire Glass Manufacturing Plant

Icahn and Apple Stock



The curious case of IDC, Gartner & Strategy Analytics' PC, phone & tablet data on Apple

Add up all this stuff and you could create the impression that the rest of the world is winning with 81 percent of somethingorother, distracting away from the fact that Apple is destroying its competition in both phones and tablets in the only market segments that a vendor with the luxury of being choosy would choose to do business in. 

I'm sure nobody will catch on.



Today's Court Ruling:  Apple v Samsung

WSJ LawBlog

Apple vs Samsung Retrial

Meeting Notes for October 21, 2013

posted Nov 18, 2013, 2:30 PM by Robert Brown

News and Events

Concerning the iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor, some users indicate that hand creme perhaps interferes with fingerprint ID. We also confirmed that a disembodied finger will not work. The Germany hackers concept of "easy"  in regard to their methof of hacking the fingerprint sensor is not the same as everybody else's concept of "easy", meaning it is actually hard.

Target and Walmart had iPhone 5c phones at $79

iPhone 5c orders go down, while 5s orders go up.

But iPhone 5c is selling well.

iTunes Radio, along with iTunes 11.1, has been introduced. How fares against Pandora?

Apple Event Tomorrow - iPads? [As it turned out, yes, indeed. More info at our next meeting.]

On Security:

• Oracle release a big Java update –

• Apple release Java update to remove Java 6 from browsers, forcing users to get official Oracle Java if they want to run Java in their browsers. This is very important because Java 6 is no longer being supported by Oracle –

A back door has been found in D-Link routers:
Details here (including a few updates) –

Security Patch in MS Office 2011

If you have a 2012 MacBook Air…. there's an issue re SSD

Apple updates EFI on 2013 MBAs


Researchers claim Apple's Messages not all that secure

Apple disagrees

US Mac/PC Market share numbers for Q3 - Macs lose a bit, PCs up a bit

iPhone Does well this past summer in the US Marketshare

MS Office coming for iPad…. Says Balmer


New Campus gets Cupertino approval

Apple hires a Retail Leader - Forbes Likes the choice

Tim Cook Honors Steve on 2nd Anniversary of Steve's passing

On Carl Ichan, and AAPL stock: Apple should borrow money and buyback shares

        Buffett Disagrees

Apple to report earnings Oct. 28 [expect to hear about it at our next meeting]


Other News:

David Pogue Leaves NYT (!!)



Samsung Loses a couple of rounds

       i) Judge Koh not happy

       ii) Jobs Patent upheld

SEC Closes Apple Tax Investigation


Main Presentation


Evernote presented by Erin Hall, Marketing for Evernote Business

How to use Evernote apps

Our lives are constantly changing -- our lives are fluid.

-- Where is work? Who are working with?

Trap 1: overwork the wrong app.
e.g. email
Do you email yourself to save articles or transfer documents?
You are emailing your future self.

Trap 2: one tool per task
Do you seek a new app for each new task?

Evernote can
    record meetings
    collect research
    track to-dosage
    etc. online or offline

Two thirds of the  Evernote users are using Evernote at work

Four ways to use Evernote
    collect and share ideas
       create an ideas notebook
       capture whiteboards and photos
       OCR handwritten text
    capture images from the web
    brainstorm in notes


Open Source Presentation


GPG Suite for the Macintosh 

     see the slide show here:

Meeting Notes for September 16, 2013

posted Sep 16, 2013, 9:25 PM by Robert Brown

Tonight: Chris Breen -- The Big Picture on iPhone 5c and 5s

A couple of new people tonight, including a brand new certified Apple consultant. 

News and Events

iPhone 5 announced:

Apple - Press Info - Apple Introduces iPhone 5

iPhone 5 tops 2 million preorders in 24 hours | Macworld


available 9/21; 

regional carries will have phone on 9'/28

C Spire, regional carriers join the iPhone 5 deluge on September 28th - Engadget

 preorders already sold out

AT&T confirms iPhone owners will be able to keep their unlimited data plans | 9to5Mac

Sprint and Verizon clarify iPhone 5 plans: Sprint pre-orders begin at 12:01 a.m. Sept. 14, Verizon requires that you pay full price to keep your unlimited data plan | 9to5Mac


Java updates, and security issues

Apple issues new Lion, Snow Leopard Java updates | MacNN


Stock hitting new highs, analysts raise target prices

Apple: Boring or Not, iPhone 5 Drives Shares to New Heights - Tech Trader Daily -

stock closed today @$699.80


iOS 6 available on 9/18 - tomorrow

Google releases YouTube app

YouTube launches new iPhone app ahead of iOS 6 release | Internet & Media - CNET News

UUID gone, w/iOS 6

Apple clarifies new Advertising Identifier, a non-personal UDID replacement, in iOS 6 | 9to5Mac

Speaking of UUIDs, 

Blue Toad Publishing Company Admits Stolen 'FBI' UDIDs Came From Them - Mac Rumors

Leaked Apple device UDIDs were stolen from small publishing company


iTunes 11

Apple - Press Info - Apple Unveils New iTunes

iPod Touch, and nano New

Apple - Press Info - Apple Introduces New iPod touch & iPod nano


Ping goes away

Apple To Shut Down Ping Social Network September 30 - Peter Kafka - Media - AllThingsD


Rumor of Apple getting into Pandora territory

WSJ: Apple in talks to build internet radio service

Be sure to update the Kindle app before updating to iOS 7.

Main Presentation - Chris Breen - The Big Picture on iPhone 5c and 5s

The Long Campaign
  iPhone 5s and 5c, Mavericks, iOS 7
  phase 3 of the Post PC Era

In tech, you have to plan things in a long campaign. Tech companies can not simply do one thing and just hold on that one thing. Tech companies have to keep moving.

Microsoft tried to live forever on Windows and Office. They got on mobile operating systems too late, and hence tried to implement it too hurriedly. It was reactive, not proactive.

There is iteration versus innovation. 

Let's forbid the phrase "If Steve was alive...". 

Does Apple continue to innovate since a certain past event, or is Apple now just interating?

Iteration: bigger screens, faster processors, better camera.

Can you finish the sentence: "this completely changes the way I .... "? 

interation can still disrupt existng markets.

Innovation: creating a business from whole cloth, makeing a nascent business legimate, tuenign an existing market on its head.

Innovation: the first iPod, the first iPhone. 

Who is innovative: Apple, Google, Amazon, TiVo, Netflix

Who is not: Samsung, Microsoft -- me, too-ers.

So, is this an innovation year for Apple? NO. You can not expect to win the World Series every year.

This is a "team building" year, in the baseball sense. You prep the new players for the future.

One common theme of nost new releases is the Future.
-- iPhone 5s: fingerprinting scanning, M7, 64-bit processor, LTE

The 5s will encourage you to use the fingerprint scanner.
-- useful for more than unlocking the iPhone
-- can be used with Passbook for purchases
-- can be used with iBeacon for purchases
-- and Apple will get a tiny percentage of every transaction, which will be serious money.

The M7 focusses on movement. 
-- fitness apps
-- takes the place of fit-bit, up, etc.
-- reduces power comsumption for background tasks related to movement.

Even more:
-- prevent texting while driving.

64-bit processor
-- develop to a single code base for iOS and Mac OS X

-- adds Worldwide compatiablity

-- energy savings, speed-ups, more iOS features
-- tabbed browsing in Finder
-- Finder tags
-- stuff under the hood is much more interesting

-- security, prevents reformatting without Apple ID password
-- iBeacon
-- iTunes Radio, the Pandora killer, plus it brings IP radio to the masses.
-- -- plus you can create your own "station".

The iPhone 5c -- the future is really cool, but there is nothing wrong with making money.
-- just like the iPod, which was followed by the iPod mini. 
-- fashion matters to people, the colors will be a hit.
-- these will sold by the bucket load

Still to come

-- iPads and iPods next month, 64 bit, fingerprint sensor.

-- The Mac Pro

What about that darned living room conundrum, getting us to cut the "cable". 

Open Source Corner -- The Pencil Project

Wireframes - flowcharts - diagrams

Use Pencil to draw prototype graphic layouts or flowcharts or similar diagrams. Collections of graphic shapes are provided for generic use and for the shapes particular to computer GUI, iPhone GUI and iPad GUI. 

Q and A

1. having problems connecting iOS devices to new Comcast high speed router.

--- does not work consistently 

--- no solution

2. itunes has a lot of free stuff -- how can I find a list? Especially movies?


--- in iTunes store screen use the quick links for "Free on iTunes"

3. least expensive way to get Adobe Bridge

--- legally, it is only available with Adobe Creative Cloud, $600 per year, billed $49.99 / month

4. Boot camp -- need to remove and reinstall Windows 7

-- no need to erase, just reload from the Windows distribution disk.

Meeting Notes from August 19, 2013

posted Aug 19, 2013, 8:18 PM by Robert Brown   [ updated Sep 2, 2013, 10:52 PM ]

Steve Quattrone is a new member, from SMUG
Another person, Kevin, has come to hear about HTML5

news and events


Sept 10 Announcement 'Yep'

Wall Street Journal Throws Weight Behind 'Apple Will Ship Two New iPhones in September' - The Mac Observer

Apple’s rumored September 10 iPhone event

5 big rumors about Apple's September event - Fortune Tech

Apple's Next iPad Mini Will Likely Have 'Retina' Display From Samsung -

Mac Pro - 'Fall 2013" - in a movie trailer

Apple Begins Showing Mac Pro Teaser in Movie Theaters with 'Fall 2013' Announcement - Mac Rumors

'Some sort of Television Product…."

Rumor: Apple may announce 'some sort of television product' as soon as November

Exclusive: Apple Pitches Ad-Skipping for New TV Service – jessica lessin

iPhone:  Gold, and 128 gigs

Analyst: Get Ready for 3 iPhone Models - The Mac Observer

iPhone for China Mobile?

China Mobile Chairman Handles Apple iPhone Deal Question Delicately - Digits - WSJ

Apple Might Be Closer to iPhone Deal with China Mobile - The Mac Observer


iWatch’s novelty emerges as Apple taps sensor and fitness experts | 9to5Mac


Jobs Movie
Ashton Kutcher's 'Jobs': What the critics are saying - Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech



iTunes 11

Windows 'Tuesday' - Note IE issues

Apple Fixes 3 Bugs with AirPort Base Station Firmware Update 7.6.4 - The Mac Observer

Final Cut Pro X gets updated to 10.0.9 with bug fixes | 9to5Mac

New MacBook Air software update brings trio of fixes | Apple - CNET News

Apple announces Logic Pro X, next generation audio editing for Mac | iMore


Apps for Kids: Apple is focussing on iOS apps appropriate for kids, with a catogorization within the Apps Store by child's age.


Apple Store app for iOS now giving away paid apps for free




Apple: The Carl Icahn effect - Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech

Activist investor Carl Icahn means trouble with a capital 'T' for Apple - Computerworld
(best article, imo)

AAPL Hits $500 First Time Since January as Street Mulls Icahn Moves - Tech Trader Daily -


Apple is snapping up shares of Apple as fast as it can - Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech
  -- prior to Ichann's interest

Apple Earnings Report/Call - Response
Apple's $35.3B June quarter: What the analysts are saying - Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech

Today's AAPL close:  $507.74

Last month AAPL close, 7/15/13:  $427.44

Bento Discontinued

FileMaker announces Bento will be discontinued on September 30 | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Support to continue through next year.

The specialized pre-designed databases were more popular than the general Bento tool. Bento did not keep enough market share to be profitable.

Also some users found problems with the data being unexpectedly disconnected.


Apple Discloses Its Developer Center Was Hacked - Liz Gannes - News - AllThingsD

Security researcher claims to have accessed full names, Apple IDs and user IDs of developers and non-developers | 9to5Mac

Apple restores developer site after weeks-long outage | Apple - CNET News


Obama Administration Vetoes Apple Product Ban

Obama Administration Vetoes Apple Product Ban - Mike Isaac - Mobile - AllThingsD

The USA ITC had agreed with Samsung that some older Apple products infringed on Samsung patents -- and banned the older products. But the patents were FRAND. Essentially the President feels certain factors were overlooked by ITC. 


DOJ Proposes 'Draconian remedies' for Apple in e-Book case

Apple dismisses DOJ's proposed e-book penalties as 'a draconian and punitive intrusion'


Apple Acquisitions:

Apple acquires second screen TV startup (scoop) | VentureBeat

Exclusive: Apple Recently Acquired Low-Energy Chipmaker Passif – jessica lessin

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Was this Chinese stewardess killed by her Apple iPhone 5? - Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech

UPDATE: Follow-up stories in Chinese media report that it was an iPhone 4, not 5, and that Ms. Ma was using a third-party charger, not an original Apple part

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Apple outlines iMessage spam reporting in new support document

Please report any spam to Apple.


Chinese scalpers booking & selling Apple Store Genius Bar appointments online


Bob Mansfield: 

Bob Mansfield no longer on Apple's exec team, will continue work on special projects [u]

He wishes to have an easier lifestyle, free of the strain of being a high level manager.

iPhone, Android, iPad, PC numbers
20% of Apple iPhone Customers Switched from Android, 7% of Samsung Buyers Switched from iOS - Mac Rumors

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What Smartphone Saturation?

“Everybody has got a smartphone” | asymco


New digitally signed Mac malware confuses users with right-to-left file name tricks | Macworld

Warning: Ransomware Targeting Macs Poses as FBI Demand for $300 - The Mac Observer

Unrelated Security story:
Man gets fake FBI child porn alert, arrested for child porn | Technically Incorrect - CNET News


Presentation -- Hype - the HTML5 Animator - by Tumult Software
Jonathan Deutsch

Alternative to Adobe Flash for web animations.

Jonathan is a long time Apple user, from the Apple II days.
He created HyperEdit - sold as shareware.
He joined Apple for 6.5 years, worked on 10.3.6, and worked with the Apple Mail team.

Steve Jobs wrote his essay "Thoughts on Flash", outlining well known defects in Adobe Flash. This prompted the interest for alternatives. 

Hype lets you build HTML5/CSS/Javascript animations, as easy as you might create a Keynote presentation. The capabilities in Hype are modelled after those in Keynote.

create keyframes -- Hype smoothly animates between.

Hype can also be used to build animations into eBooks created using iBooks Author. iBooks uses "Dashboard" widgets. (iBooks are in fact entirely web based, same as ePub).

multiple independent or coordinated animations, multiple scenes.

companion app: preview on similated mobile screen.
@jmfs on Twitter.

The app is available from the Apple Apps Store - and on the tumult web site.


Q and A

1. adapter for a Mac to fit an PC video Port
does a 2008 Mac need a different one from a 2011 Mac?
Yes. One is a DVI to VGA, the other is a display port to VGA
use Mac Tracker to find out which adapter you will need.
2. Protection against email hacking
Do not leave your account open, i.e. logged in, when not using the account.
Change the password when ever you are suspicious that you have been hacked.
Clean spyware using ClamAV or other good malware scanners.
Use two factor authentication. 
Both Google and Apple have two factor authentication. 
Change your security questions if you feel you may have been hacked.
3. I can not find some files - these might be on an old Time Machine backup.
You can use Spotlight to search an old Time Machine volume. Just set up Spotlight
to index that volume in System prefs.
4. Show keyboard on screen.

Use Languages Prefs. -- there is a checkbox.
5. Import an ASCII delimited text file to Excel -- do not get the proper columns of data.

You will need to determine what delimiter is used in the file, e.g. commas or tabs.
6. Adobe is making old versions of Acrobat available for free.

We have not seen that. It may be a false rumor. 
You may wish to examine PDFpen by Smile Software.
7. Print a list of contacts from Addressbook, in a custom format
We will investigate. 
8. Evernote presenter question.
3 people are using Evernote.
Post your questions to our mailing list.

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