SVMUG Monthly Meeting Oct 17: Chuck Joiner - Apple Does It Right

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Hello svmug members & friends! 

The next meeting of the Silicon Valley Macintosh User Group (svmug) is on Monday, October 17, 2016 at 7:00PM. As always, meetings are open to the public and free to attend. Bring a friend! We are meeting in a DIFFERENT ROOM FOR OCTOBER!! Join us in the Asilomar Room in Building 1900 at Google in Mountain View, CA. See below for details and directions.

TOPIC: 10 Things That Apple Does Right

This month, Chuck Joiner of “MacVoices” will be joining us remotely. His topic will be: “10 Things That Apple Does Right”. 

With all the Apple analysis and examination that flows through the Internet every day, it is easy to get lost in the criticisms that are directed at Apple. Chuck Joiner of MacVoices thinks different about Apple, what they do, how they do it, and why. In this session, he will provide some much-needed perspective on Apple’s successes and the challenges that face them going forward.

NOTE: If Apple has a special announcement during the days prior to the meeting, then if we’re lucky, Chuck will talk about that too!


Chuck Joiner has been creating original Apple, Macintosh and tech-oriented audio and video content since 2000. He is the Producer, Host and Voice of MacVoices.

MacVoices, delivered in both audio and video versions, includes one-on-one discussions with authors, developers, pundits, and panel conversations. Discussions cover current trends in tech, and real-world hardware and software reviews. With interviewing skills honed by a career in insurance investigation, negotiation and litigation management, and a passion for technology, Chuck delivers content that is curiosity-driven and designed to both inform and entertain. 

Chuck’s credentials include over four years as Chairman of the Apple User Group Advisory Board, speaking appearances at Macworld Expo, User Group University and Macstock Conference and Expo. He is also Editor-in-Chief of The MUG Center, one of the longest-running Apple User Group resources sites on the web. Professionally, he serves as Vice President of The Insurance Alliance of Central PA.


OPEN SOURCE: Sigil E-Book - Robert Brown

“Sigil is free, open-source editing software for e-books in the EPUB format. As a cross-platform application, Sigil is distributed for the Windows, OS X and Linux platforms under the GNU GPL license. Sigil supports both WYSIWYG and code-based editing of EPUB files, as well as the import of HTML and plain text files.”


We will be meeting at Google, in the Asilomar Room which is in Building 1900. If you have not been here before, please allow for some extra time to find the room.  Please make a note of where you parked.  Building 1900 is next to our usual place (Building 1950) so you can park where you might normally park if you have been to our meetings before.

* * Asilomar Room * * 

Google MTV (Mountain View) - Building 1900

1900 Charleston Rd  (same as 1900 Amphitheater Parkway)

Mountain View, California 94043

* * NOTE: We have heard that the regular map instructions can be confusing so please use the interactive google map url below so you can see the target building and surrounding areas. Once you get there, all the buildings tend to look alike and you may not see the building numbers as you are driving around the parking lot.

INTERACTIVE GOOGLE MAP for Building 1900 - Asilomar Room:


If you log into the svmug yahoo group, click on the Photos link to see photos of the svmug sign, the big white hair-cut van and the side area of the Google building near where the usual meeting room (Bodega Bay), as well as other building maps and rooms. If you are not yet a member of the svmug yahoo group, you can easily join from this link by clicking the "About" link and then click "Join Group".


-- From Highway 101, take the Amphitheater Parkway exit, which is also Rengstorff Avenue; Head North.

-- Turn right (East) onto Charleston Rd.

-- Turn left (North) onto the Google complex, at the 3rd driveway entrance. Look at the map to verify the driveway's location since it is hard to see in the dark.

-- Look for the meeting room shown on the map.

NOTE:  From 101 and the N Shoreline exit. Go Left onto Charleston Rd.

Look at the Interactive Google Map (above) so you can find the creek as a landmark. If you are coming from the other direction on Charleston (coming from the East and driving West), once you cross the creek's bridge, turn RIGHT at the first driveway and go along the right side of the Google building. You'll most likely see the big white hair cut van or black mobile fitness truck called “HIIT” parked there. You want to park near here. Look at the map to verify the driveway's location since it is hard to see in the dark.



6:45 PM - Doors open around this time; Get a Visitor Badge in the lobby.

7:00 PM - Introduction

7:05 PM - News 

7:30 PM - Main Presentation: Chuck Joiner on Apple

8:15 PM - Break

8:30 PM - Open Source: Sigil E-Book - Robert Brown

8:45 PM - Q&A - misc.

9:30 PM - All done! Clean up after ourselves and go.


Oct  17 - Chuck Joiner of MacVoices - Apple

Nov 21 - Todd Cothran of DayMap - visual map of your life, one week at a time

Dec 19 - Open; Holiday Potluck

NOTE:  We are busy working on getting speakers for future months! Is there a new product or technology you think the group would like to know about? Who would you like us to bring back? Do you have a contact for us? Let us know.

NOTE TO ATTENDEES: We have replenished our raffle! Remember, you’ll receive 2 raffle tickets when you bring food to share. Please feel free to bring in items for raffle if you have them or obtain them from a vendor.  When in doubt, ask one of the volunteers if the item would be good for raffle. If you have something else that you think would be good for the FREE pile, bring it, mark it FREE and place it on one of the tables near the food table. Just be sure to remove it at the end of the meeting if it does not go to a new home. We have enough to carry in and out each meeting. Thanks!



SVMUG (Silicon Valley Macintosh User Group)

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SVMUG started as the South Bay branch of the Berkeley Mac User Group (BMUG), and lives on after the dissolution of the main organization. We hold monthly meetings on the Google campus in Mountain View, focusing on user support, vendor demonstrations, and community contacts.



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