SVMUG Monthly Meeting Nov 20, 2017 Bryan Chaffin-Thoughts on Apple

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UPDATE: As of Nov 17, at 12:02am, the monthly meeting announcement was received!

EARLIER NOTE: As of Nov 16, at 11pm, the Yahoo group monthly email was sent but Yahoo is having problems and as of 11pm, Nov 16th, no emails have been delivered. If you are part of the regular meeting attendees, please let other members you know about the topic and speaker. Some people wait for the email to be in their inbox and don't check the website. Thanks!


Hello svmug members & friends! 

The next meeting of the Silicon Valley Macintosh User Group (svmug) is Nov 20, 2017 at 7:00PM. As always, meetings are open to the public and free to attend. We are meeting in our “usual” place: Bodega Bay Tech Talk Room in Building 1950 at Google in Mountain View, CA. Directions below. 

CALENDAR NOTE: For those of you who like to plan ahead, make a note that the January and February svmug meetings are held on the 4th Monday of the month due to a Google Holiday on the 3rd Monday. See the CALENDAR near the end of this email for exact dates.

OUR HOLIDAY POTLUCK will be at the December 18th meeting. A sign-up sheet will be passed around at the November 20th meeting to get the ball rolling and a followup set of emails will allow you to update or add your item to the list. There is no way to heat anything unless you bring a hot plate to plug in. There is no kitchen either so please plan accordingly. We WILL have a speaker in December!

TOPIC & DESCRIPTION: What is the state of the Apple?

Bryan Chaffin will be joining us in person as he offers his thoughts on topics most important to the world of Apple and to us as users now that 2017 is coming to a close. In recent years, he has presented thoughts on topics as diverse as an Apple Car, why Wall Street will never understand Apple, why Macs will remain important to Apple for the foreseeable future, and why Apple isn’t likely to release a toasterfridge. Bryan tends to present off the cuff, utilizing the skills honed during years of podcasting and presenting. In particular, he likes to come armed with multiple topics ready to go based on input from the audience, so questions are welcome!



Bryan Chaffin is the cofounder and copublisher of The Mac Observer, which makes him a geek. He’s been writing about Apple, Macs, iPods, iPhones, iPads, and other technology topics since 1997. He has contributed to MacAddict and MacFormat, and he has contributed to, tech edited, and co-authored Mac related books. More recently, he completed his novel, The Mason Truman Project, and is busily shopping it out to agents.

Follow Bryan on Twitter: @TMOBryan

OPEN SOURCE:  Blockchain - Charles Gousha

Bitcoin may or may not be the next big thing in Internet money. Its underlying technology -- the blockchain -- definitely has a long-term future. Charles Gousha will discuss what a blockchain is, how it works, and what it means for future systems.


We will be meeting at Google, in the Bodega Bay Tech Talk Room. This is located in the back of Building 1950 — the right "leaf" of the 3-building Charleston complex. You'll find a large white awning/tent close to the room's entrance. There is a Google employee cafe next to the Bodega Bay Tech Talk room.

If you have not been here before, please allow for some extra time to find the room. If you are lost, call 408-480-1690 and we will try to get you to the right place. Please make a note of where you parked. 

Bodega Bay Tech Talk Room

Google - Building 1950

1950 Charleston Rd  (same as 1950 Amphitheater Parkway)

Mountain View, California 94043

NOTE: We have heard that the regular car/phone map instructions can be confusing so please use the interactive Google Map url below so you can see the target building and surrounding areas. Once you get there, all the buildings tend to look alike and you may not see the building numbers as you are driving around the parking lot.



-- From Highway 101, take the Amphitheater Parkway exit, which is also Rengstorff Avenue; Head North.

-- Turn right (East) onto Charleston Rd.

-- Turn left (North) onto the Google complex, at the 3rd driveway entrance. Look at the map to verify the driveway's location since it is hard to see in the dark.

-- Look for the meeting room shown on the map.


-- If you are driving North on Highway 101, take the North Shoreline Blvd exit and turn right at the end of the off ramp.

-- Turn Left (West) onto Charleston Rd.

-- There is a small bridge/creek crossing under the road (see the interactive map, as it's easy to miss). Turn Right into the driveway 50 ft after the creek, or turn right into the main entrance just after that.

-- Go along the right (East) side of the 1950 Google building. There are a bunch of EV parking spots and a white tent near the spot where the meeting takes place. You want to park near here, though you may need to circle around the complex to find an open parking space.



If you log into the svmug yahoo group, click on the Photos link to see photos of the svmug sign and the side area of the Google building near where the usual meeting room (Bodega Bay) is, as well as other building maps and rooms. If you are not yet a member of the svmug yahoo group, you can easily join from this link by clicking the "About" link and then click "Join Group".


6:45 PM - Doors open around this time; Get a Visitor Badge from our host.

7:00 PM - Introduction

7:05 PM - News 

7:30 PM - Main Presentation: Bryan Chaffin - State of Apple

8:15 PM - Break

8:30 PM - Open Source: Blockchain - Charles Gousha

8:45 PM - Q&A - misc.

9:30 PM - All done! Clean up after ourselves and go home.


Nov 20 – Bryan Chaffin - State of Apple

Dec 18 – MoneySpire (a Quicken competitor) plus svmug Holiday Potluck


Jan 22* – Brett Terpstra – Mac Tips? (4th Monday due to Google Holiday)

Feb 26* – AgileBits – 1Password 2-factor support (4th Monday due to Google Holiday)

Mar 19 – Allison Sheridan – Topic to be determined

NOTE:  We are busy working on getting speakers for future months! Is there a new product or technology you think the group would like to know about? Who would you like us to bring back? Do you have a contact for us? Let us know.


You’ll receive 2 raffle tickets when you bring food to share. Please feel free to bring in items for raffle if you have them or obtain them from a vendor. When in doubt, ask one of the volunteers if the item would be good for raffle. If you have something else that you think would be good for the FREE pile, bring it, mark it FREE and place it on one of the tables near the food table. Just be sure to remove it at the end of the meeting if it does not go to a new home. We have enough to carry in and out each meeting. Thanks!



SVMUG (Silicon Valley Macintosh User Group)

SVMUG meetings occur on the 3rd Monday of each month (with some holiday exceptions such as Jan and Feb). Meetings are free and open to the public. Audience members may arrive or depart at their convenience, so feel free to arrive late, or leave early if you wish.

SVMUG started as the South Bay branch of the Berkeley Mac User Group (BMUG), and lives on after the dissolution of the main organization. We hold monthly meetings on the Google campus in Mountain View, focusing on user support, vendor demonstrations, and community contacts.



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