Meeting on June 17, 2013

posted Jun 10, 2013, 8:32 PM by Robert Brown   [ updated Jun 14, 2013, 7:36 AM ]

The next meeting of the Silicon Valley Macintosh User Group (svmug) is on Monday, June 17, 2013 at 7:00PM.  As always, meetings are free to attend. Bring a friend! We are in our usual room, BODEGA BAY TECH TALK ROOM - see below for details.

SPEAKER & TOPICS:  Adam Christianson, Podcaster / The Maccast

Adam Christianson is the host of the popular and top-rated Maccast podcast. Beginning in 2004 and each week since, Adam has continued to offer insights and tips for all Mac fans. Adam's user-to-user approach and his ability to appeal to both beginning and advanced Mac users has made The Maccast a two-time Apple iTunes "Best Of" podcast! Adam has spent years in the Mac community serving on the board of directors of several Mac Users Groups. The Maccast serves as his latest effort to help grow and give back to the Mac community.

But wait, there's more!

Did you know that Adobe has changed it's pricing model for Photoshop? With their new subscription plan,  it's probably not going to be affordable for many people. Photoshop might be overpowered for the average user anyway. So, if not Photoshop, then what does one use? Adam will also talk about the Pros and Cons of these Photoshop alternatives:  Acorn, Pixelmator, and Mac GIMP.


We will be meeting at Google, in the Bodega Bay Tech Talk Room. If you have not been here before, please allow for some extra time to find the room. Often there is a giant white mobile "Hair cut van" parked in the parking lot near where a cafeteria for Google employees and the Bodega Bay room are located. If you are lost, please call 408-877-6377 and we will try to get you to the right place.

Bodega Bay Tech Talk Room

Google - Building 1950

1950 Amphitheater Parkway

Mountain View, California 94043

MAP and pictures:



If you log into the svmug yahoo group, click on the Photos link to see photos of the hair cut van and the side area of the Google building near where the usual meeting room (Bodega Bay) is located. The room is behind the trees in the photo.


-- From Highway 101, take the Amphitheater Parkway exit, which is also Rengstorff Avenue; Head North.

-- Turn right (East) onto Charleston Rd.

-- Turn left (North) onto the Google complex, third driveway entrance.

-- Go to the position "A" in the map shown. 

-- Look for the entrance shown on the map.

NOTE:  If you are coming from the other direction on Charleston (coming from the East and driving West), once you cross the creek's bridge, turn RIGHT at the first driveway and go along the right side of the Google building. You'll most likely see the big white hair cut van parked there. You want to park near here. Look at the map to verify the driveway's location since it is hard to see in the dark.


During the Break, we nibble on yummies that attendees bring to the meeting. If you are able to do so, please bring some sort of finger-food.  There aren't any beverages available unless you bring some, so if you would like something to drink, please bring your own in a seal-able container, such as a water bottle.



6:45 PM - Doors open around this time

7:00 PM - Introduction

7:05 PM - News

7:45 PM - Remote Presentation by Adam Christianson

8:30 PM - Break time - attendees bring food

8:45 PM - Group Q & A

9:30 PM - All done!  Clean up after ourselves and go.


Jul 15 - Alison Sheridan, NosillaCast -- remote; Topic: Turbocharge Your Mac Productivity

Aug 19 - Hype by Tumult; Speaker: Jonathan Deutsch, co-founder of Tumult 

Sep 16 - tbd

Oct 21 - tbd

NOTE:  Is there a new product or technology you think the group would like to know about? Who would you like us to bring back? Let us know.