January Meeting

posted Jan 20, 2014, 3:37 AM by Robert Brown

The monthly meeting this month will be on the 4th Monday, Jan 27th, 2014 due to a Google holiday during our normal day.

More details to follow next week, but in a nutshell:

Vendor/Speaker:  iFixit, the speaker is Kyle Wiens

This will be a remote presentation to us.

Open Source: svg-edit


Bodega Bay Tech Talk Room

Google - Building 1950

1950 Amphitheater Parkway

Mountain View, California 94043

NOTE: for those who like to plan ahead, please make a note that February's meeting is also moved to the 4th Monday due to a Holiday. Feb 24th is our meeting date and will also be in the Bodega Bay Tech Talk Room.

2014 SCHEDULE thus far:

Jan 27 - Kyle Wiens - iFixit

Feb 24 - Ted Landau - 30 years as a Mac pundit 

Mar 17 - Peter Tamte - NoteSuite

Mar 27-29 - Macworld Expo