About Our Events

The Silicon Valley Macintosh User Group, as might be inferred from the name, consists of a melange of Macintosh computer users. The term "Macintosh computer" of recent has been broadened to include a variety of computer chip based devices, drawn together by a unified underlying software system. Thus, we have iMacs, Mac Books, iPads, iPhones, Nanos, Minis, TV boxes and so forth. Doubtless there are more to come. 

The group holds monthly meetings, and maintains a mailing list via the Yahoo Groups network. The meetings are held on the Google Corporate Headquarters grounds. Thus we are tied to Apple, Google, and Yahoo. 

The meetings will feature a current news and events discussion, followed by a featured presenter, our open source corner, and a lively technical question and answer session. 

News and Events: We hold an audience interactive presentation and discussion of news and events related to the computers and technology, with an emphasis on the Macintosh, iDevices, and Apple Corporation in general. But the topics quite often go into other areas.

Presentation: The presenter is often a software prodecer or an industry illuminary. The presentations run from one half hour to an hour, occasionally more. About one quarter of the occasions, the speaker will present via live streaming "Facetime™" connection.

Open Source: Our open source corner is a five to fifteen minute presentation of open source software (and occasionally hardware) for the Macintosh. We choose a new item of open source origin each and every month. 

Q&A: At the beginning of each meeting, note cards are distributed so that attendees may write down their questions about their computer or related technology. These are read from the podium during our Q&A session at the end of the meeting. Answers and solutions are called out from the audience or from one of our regular technical experts.

The upcoming meetngs are announced on the home page of this web publication, and via our mailing list.

A note about our mid-meeting break: we break the meeting for aobut fifteen minutes after the presentation to allow members to chat, and also snack on cookies, cheeses, crackers, chips, and other edible items that some members have graciously brought in and donated to the group platter. Bringing in a snack item for the group is voluntary -- about 20% do so, changing by who and what from month to month. It is all pot luck, catch as can. We encourage bringing in snacks, but it is not required for attendance. The snack table is open to everyone in attendance.